Pastoral Care

At Mary MacKillop College our touchstone, in pastorally caring for our students, is the charism and ethos of Mary MacKillop, who strived to consistently present the face of Christ to all, whatever their socio-economic background, position or creed.

Through the Pastoral Care Program, students learn how to care for themselves and others, how to exercise personal responsibility and how to empower themselves to take control of their own learning and to plan for a productive future.

Pastoral Care teachers are integral to the life of the College community and care for the well-being of students in their Pastoral Care class. This is done by respecting each student as an individual, by encouraging them, praising them, and showing interest in their progress and the achievement of their potential. Nurturing well-being includes spiritual and emotional wellbeing, as well as academic success.

As teachers for student wellbeing, we: 

  • foster concern for each other, and an understanding of justice and the importance of relationships
  • foster leadership and faith formation opportunities
  • are accessible to students and approachable
  • respond to student concerns
  • identify problems and seek support from providers in the school community
  • familiarise students with school policies and with leadership and administrative roles in the school. This will empower them to make effective, responsible choices and to better understand the meaning of being part of a community.
  • maintain an ongoing contact with parents, consistent with our family-school partnerships policy, to share information, to share concerns, to praise and acknowledge achievements, and to foster our school as a place of welcome.

The College Counsellors also work closely with the students and will access outside support agencies if required.

Collaboration and communication with families is critical to overall student wellbeing.

Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy

Mary MacKillop College is a Josephite community which fosters Gospel values and a Christian understanding of people’s mutual responsibilities for each other, an acceptance of difference and an awareness of justice and equality. Bullying and harassment undermines positive relationships and our College ethos.

The College has developed an Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy which is designed to promote, implement and create a safe environment for all members of the Mary MacKillop College community. To view the policy please click on the link below.

Download the Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy.