Celebrating Josephite education since 1872.

Mary MacKillop lived and worked at Kensington for many years and she opened the first school here in 1872.

The College began in the shadow of World War II in 1944 when secondary students, who had previously been taught at various Parish schools run by the Sisters of St Joseph, were brought together in Queen Street, Norwood.

In the first year 100 students were enrolled in classes from First Year to Leaving Honours. The school was known as St Joseph’s Higher Primary.

In 1950 the school moved to Bridge Street where a small building had served as the Parish school. During the 1950s a hall was hired in High Street to cater for the rapidly increasing numbers. This led to a building project undertaken by the Sisters of St Joseph and in 1963, the school, which had been renamed St Joseph’s High School moved into the Phillips Street site with an enrolment of 200.

During the 1960s student numbers increased, lay people joined the teaching staff and Sister Oliver remained as Principal, making a unique and inestimable contribution to the growth and spirit of the school. In 1970, Sister’s last year as Principal, the name was changed to “Mary MacKillop College”.

Since its humble beginnings the College has continued to embrace students from all walks of life and educate them in the true spirit of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop. A very real and precious connection has been maintained with the Sisters and our girls enjoy classes in a modern, well-resourced, comfortable environment while having access to the Chapel and Convent grounds where Mary herself lived and worked to promote educational opportunities for girls.

Pictured above: Bridge Street Building