2022 SACE Results

We are delighted to report that our Year 12 students achieved outstanding results, both in the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) and with their Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR).

Every MacKillop girl receives a strong academic education and is encouraged to design her own pathway to success. Learning and achievement continue to be promoted as a priority at the College and we trust that MacKillop girls are equipped to face the future with confidence.

100% of Year 12 students enrolled at Mary MacKillop College successfully completed their SACE.

We are pleased to share that our DUX is Jamie Siggurs. Jamie achieved an ATAR of 97.60 with an A+ Merit in both English and Psychology, an A+ in Research Project, an A in Biology and Religion and a B+ in Mathematical Methods.

Our Proxime Accessit is Alisha Silvestri who achieved an ATAR of 97.45 with an A+ Merit in Child Studies, an A+ in Physical Education, an A in both English and Religion and a B+ in Nutrition.

A total of seven Merits were achieved across four subjects: English (Jamie Siggurs), Psychology (Jamie Siggures and Alyssa Russo), Information Processing & Publishing (Tahlia Carfora and Georgia Nelson) and Child Studies (Mia Cleaver and Alisha Silvestri).

29% of the Class of 2022 achieved an ATAR above 90 without adjustment factors and 55% achieved an ATAR over 80.

182 A grades were received, meaning 54% of all grades achieved were in the A Band. In their Stage 2 studies, seven students achieved six A grades (Tahlia Cafora, Alyssa Russo, Anida D’Agostino, Alyssa D’Aloia, Daniella Dimaggio, Mia Ialeggio and Kiara Principe) and a further 10 received five A grades (Jamie Siggurs, Georgia Nelson, Alisha Silvestri, Analissa Benci, Siena Bergamin, Carla Cavaiuolo, Lauren Daly, Chelsea Frieske, Ruby Hancock and Stella Vandenbroek).

We commend the graduates of 2022 on their academic success and extend a sincere thanks to the dedicated teaching staff who supported them throughout their learning journey. We look forward to formally congratulating those who achieved A+ Merits, an ATAR above 90 without additional bonus points and Subject Award recipients at the High Achievers event in Term 1 of 2023.