Why a Girls' School?

At Mary MacKillop College, we understand girls - how they develop and learn.
We are specialists in girls' education.

According to the Alliance of Girls' Schools, there are many advantages to enrolling your daughter into an all girls' school. For instance: 

  • An all girls school can create an atmosphere that counteracts the negative influence of mass media and its often troubling depictions of women and girls.
  • Girls at girls’ schools enjoy not only equal opportunity, they enjoy every opportunity.
  • Girls are freer to participate in class discussions, without being dominated by boys.
  • Girls don’t have to live up to expectations that they must be nice, quiet, non-athletic, and passive.
  • Girls prefer written texts and tend to be more interested in the emotional workings of literary characters.
  • Most girls prefer fiction and enjoy learning through narrative, with context to their learning.
  • In relationships, girls solve issues through dialogue, text messages and social networking sites; boys are more physical with their solutions.
  • Girls hear better and are more sensitive to angry, loud voices.
  • They want to know why Beethoven composed a certain piece and where he was when he wrote it. Boys just want to play the song.

Teaching girls using an approach which recognises these gender differences enables girls to live up to their full potential and be comfortable being themselves.

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The Alliance of Girls' Schools

We are a member of the ‘Alliance of Girls’ Schools’ which is an organisation that is committed to promoting the benefits of single-sex schools for girls.

We encourage you to visit their website to find out more about the benefits of girls’ schools at www.agsa.org.au.

In addition, we encourage you to view our ‘Why a Girls’ School?’ brochure by clicking on the link below.

Download the ‘Why a Girls’ School?’ brochure.