Inclusive Education

We are committed to promoting the inclusion of students with disabilities and learning difficulties in the mainstream education system.

The changing educational environment driven by the SACE and the Australian Curriculum, means that students with individual learning needs must be supported to ensure inclusion and educational success.

At Mary MacKillop College all teaching and non-teaching staff are advocates for equality and inclusion for those students who experience difficulties in the educational and social sphere.

We provide individual education programs for students with diagnosed  disabilities and learning difficulties. All students with special needs are educated within the mainstream class and some are provided with additional support and adjustments within the classroom and when necessary, in the Learning Centre.

The curriculum, teaching strategies, assessment procedures and timetable structures are adapted to cater for the individual needs of students with special needs. Our Inclusive Education Coordinator organises either 1:1 or small group support for students who have difficulties, assists teachers in individualising the curriculum, implementing classroom adjustments and supports teachers with assessment and reporting and so on.

At the College we embrace a person centred approach whereby the students' needs, interests and hopes for the future are the focus of all planning. To do this effectively we work in partnership with the student, their family, teachers, Education Support Officers, Principal, Director of Curriculum, School Counsellor, Catholic Education Office consultants and other outside agencies.

Speak with our Inclusive Education Co-ordinator

To speak further about Inclusive Education within the College, please speak with Leanne Carr, Inclusive Education Co-ordinator.