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English @ MMC - SAETA Young Writers' Awards


Throughout Semester 1, English students were encouraged to enter the South Australian English Teachers Young Writers’ Awards 2020. The competition is an avenue for young writers from Reception though to Year 12 to showcase their poetry and narrative skills, and with thousands of students from South Australia entering, to be selected for publication is an honour. It is with great pleasure that we announce that Harmony (Year 8) has had her poem Red Land shortlisted as a finalist in the awards.

In August, Harmony has been invited to attend an official Award ceremony at Wilderness School in recognition of her poetry writing.

Congratulations Harmony.


Mini Del Corso
English Leader of Learning


Red land

When I go to the red land
I looked at empty landscape
When I go to the red land
I thought there was nothing fun to make
When I go to the red land
I saw a little snake
When I go to the red land
I told mum “let’s not go back.”

Then I tripped over
When I touched the red dirt
I felt like I sank in.
When I touched the rocks
I heard them voice calling me in.
When I listened
The wind brought great spirits voices to tell all the dreamtime stories,
Stories of my people.
When I go to red land
I realised I love my land.
When I go to red land
I realised I never want to leave red land.