From the Religious Education Coordinator



Our Retreat Program aims to provide the opportunity for each year level to participate in a Retreat. On Tuesday 16 June and Thursday 18 June the Year 7 students were fortunate to attend a mini retreat focusing on the life and work of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop in Kensington. The students were able to visit the newly opened Mary MacKillop Museum near the school to gain an understanding of the legacy of Mary MacKillop and the Josephite story. They were also taken for a guided walk around Kensington to visit significant places visited by Mary MacKillop.


Social Justice

Due to challenging times in 2020, our main fundraiser, Fashion For Compassion has had to be delayed. The Student Leadership Team dresses up as teachers for the day to raise money for Project Compassion. The school community has already raised $1200 and they will continue to fundraise throughout next term.


Adriana Sotira
Religious Education Coordinator