From the Acting Director of Students


We have come to the end of another term, a term rich in learning and personal growth for MacKillop girls.

Our Good News Assembly yesterday skimmed the surface of all that has happened over the past 10 weeks. A more detailed look at the Pastoral Care program will tell us how much students have experienced throughout Term 2.  

Year 7 students have been working on their Genius Hour projects. This culminated in an Expo last week and Year 11 buddies and staff were invited. The creativity, innovation and problem solving demonstrated by the girls across the process was simply outstanding and they are to be congratulated on all they achieved.

Year 8 students have spent time working with their Pastoral Care classes on Rite Journey sessions. The focus this term was happiness and joy, which are vital for our world at the moment.

Growth mindsets, thriving from challenges and viewing failures as learning opportunities not defining moments are all the topics that the Year 9 cohort have investigated during Pastoral Care.

Year 10 students were involved in wellbeing workshops led by the College Counsellor. The girls studies how to maintain positive mental wellbeing and practiced asking a friend if they were ok, using active listening.

Year 11 students explored organisation and time management as they tackled the rigorous demands of SACE for the first time. Students watched a webcast from our Director of Curriculum Mrs Cathy Swain on exam preparation and getting the most from their study times.

Finally, the Year 12 cohort have been active this term, running around the school on scavenger hunts, taking part in Just Dance or relaxing with classroom based activities. The girls have had the opportunity to leave the stresses of study behind for just a short time to reconnect with their friends and teachers.

A lot has taken place this term. This is merely a snapshot of all that happens every day at  this great place called Mary MacKillop College.


Lauren Sutton
Acting Director of Students