Art @ MMC


We have been very busy in the Art rooms with construction! We are building, making, creating and painting.

Year 7 students are currently studying the story of the Prince of Egypt in Religion. As a cross-curricular Art project, they are telling the story through silhouettes and landscape paintings, creating a class storyboard. They have also completed clay angels, developing skills in hand building techniques.

Year 8s have developed 3D colour wheels using recycled objects, such as buttons, leaves, crayons and even popcorn. They also created colourful animal clay pots.

Year 9 students are in the process of constructing 3D cardboard houses that are based on the organic and colourful designs of artist and designer Friedensreich Hundertwasser. They also painted landscapes demonstrating aerial perspective using acrylic paint.

Year 10 Design students are creating 3D fashion outfits, exploring their chosen theme: ‘Film and Television’. The process began with mannequins covered in newspaper to support the colourful creations that will follow. Graphic design involved the design of a new chip packet, name and flavour.

Year 10 Art students have completed abstract drawings and paintings of objects and lifeforms magnified.

Year 11 and 12 students are continually developing their skills in drawing, painting and sculpture, with an exploration of many themes. We look forward to seeing their final practical artworks in Term 4.


Linda Di Blasio
Art Teacher