From the Acting Director of Students


What does student leadership at Mary MacKillop College look like in action when the "normal" has changed?

We are a College who pride ourselves on providing meaningful leadership opportunities and development for girls. We offer formal and informal leadership opportunities through which school community and a sense of belonging is fostered for both the leaders and those they are leading. So, what does student leadership look like when large group gatherings, whole school functions, and events and excursions are not current options?

Perhaps now more than ever, visible and meaningful Student Leadership is vital for the community that is our College. The Wellbeing Ambassadors, Student Representative Council, Peer Support and Student Leadership Team are developing plans for the term ahead with the common goal of offering opportunities to connect and continue building this community. The Year 11 Peer Support Leaders have picked up where they left off, while still ensuring student safety. They have been visiting their respective Year 7 and Year 8 classes each morning and engaging them in activities and games. The Peer Support Leaders continue to be excellent role models for the younger students and a regular face in unique times.

The Student Representative Council are straight into project work, meeting (appropriately spaced of course) to plan for all things Mother’s Day. The group have a few ideas and using their initiative have orgainsed themselves ready to produce something to acknowledge MacKillop mums, aunties, nonna’s and nans this Sunday. 

Our Wellbeing Ambassadors had a busy first week back. They have elected new chairs and scribe, have allocated members to research and produce new CCROPS poster to be displayed around the College and have spoken with Pastoral Care Coordinators about leading classes and cohorts in activities to continue building CCROPS qualities.    

Rounding out the formal leadership roles, the Student Leadership Team lead by Emily and Pia have also met and planned for the term ahead. Working with individual cohorts, planning lunchtime activities and sports, music and Project Compassion are just a few of the jobs they will tackle as a group this term.

While the gym may see fewer assemblies or gatherings this term, we are well and truly in safe hands as MacKillop girls continue to lead from the front. Finding ways to overcome restrictions, our leaders are ensuring all students continue to feel welcomed, acknowledged and valued.


Lauren Sutton
Acting Director of Students