Creative Culinary @ MMC - Croquembouche


As part of the Creative Culinary unit, the Year 10 class explored the elements and intricacies of creating the mighty pastry dish, the croquembouche.

This patisserie creation consists of three main elements, the choux pastry profiteroles, the vanilla crème patissiere and spun toffee.

Over the course of week 6 and 7, the class investigated the dish and the elements that created it.

We first did some research on this dessert by watching a video on how it is made. The video was a clip of the Australian show Masterchef. Four contestants battled to stay in the competition by completing a pressure test, which was assembling a croquembouche.

After watching the contestants, we were then assigned to create our own croquembouche design, including flavours, fillings, garnishes, shape and colours. After sketching designs, it was finally time to start working on the elements, the first being the vanilla crème patissiere.

The crème patissiere was created with the guidance and instructions of Mrs Archibald. The choux pastry was next on the list, being made and then piped out during our double lesson. At last, it was time to combine the custard and the choux buns, and turn them into an outstanding masterpiece. After piping in the filling and making the toffee it was time to assemble. After a lot of toffee tasting, the cone was stacked full, and we anxiously waited for the ‘flip’ and grand reveal. The tower turned out successful and the class topped it with toffee, spun sugar and edible flowers.

The croquembouche was a complete success and a wonderful learning experience for all of us.


Year 10 Student