From the Acting Director of Students


Maintaining connections is important but so is online safety.

We are naturally drawn to surround ourselves with family and friends. So when faced with circumstances as we currently are, a lack of meaningful face-to-face connections does not feel right. We know just how important connections are; here at the College we place significant emphases on building and maintaining positive connections so much so that it forms part of our Wellbeing Charter.

As we practice social distancing and isolation to keep the community safe, we quickly turn to devices and social media to maintain some of those connections. Our girls are accessing friends and family through apps and the internet. These tools, while useful, can also be damaging when not used and monitored correctly. TikTok, Houseparty, Wechat and Meetme are just a few apps that are easily accessible and regularly used by our teens. While they allow people to maintain contact with family and friends, they can also expose teens to strangers, explicit content or result in them unintentionally sharing their location. The Carly Ryan Foundation have some excellent resources for parents and their daughters about popular apps available and the possible dangers they present. I encourage all families to spend some time looking over these and speaking with each other about the importance of balancing cyber safety with maintaining connections during these unique and challenging times. The eSafety Commissioner website is also a fantastic resource to support families navigating the online world.

Should you have any questions, concerns or require additional support please do not hesitate in speaking to your daughters Pastoral Care Coordinator.


Lauren Sutton
Acting Director of Students