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From the Library


Library Lovers Day was held on Valentines Day but after further thought, we said "why not turn the whole month of February into Love your Library Month?".

To share the love, the Library held a competition - to either write the title and author of one of your most treasured books or tell us what you love about your library. All entries were put on display and went into a draw at the end of the February. First prize, which was a $25 book voucher from Dillons at Norwood was won by Jennifer. After judging the love letters to the library, three prizes were awarded to Zarah, Jenna and Jan Naseer.

Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to all the students who entered the competition. It was wonderful to read all of your responses.


Premier’s Reading Challenge

I was pleased to receive a letter from the manager of the Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) congratulating our school on our outstanding support of students participating in the Challenge. Students especially in the upper levels are encouraged to keep on with the Challenge, and I’m pleased that many of our students have completed all 13 challenges.

There is a great wealth of information on the PRC website, and I am also available to answer any questions on what books and formats we have available in the Library.


Alicia Papp
Library Assistant