The Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia’s Student Leadership Conference


As members of the 2020 Student Leadership team, we were fortunate to attend the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia’s Student Leadership Conference in Sydney. The theme of the conference was ‘Take Flight’, as the aim was to encourage young female leaders to discover their passion and turn their goals into a reality.

Day one we ‘found our wings’ by meeting lots of likeminded young leaders from around Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Zimbabwe and America. We had a keynote presentation from the very inspiring Hayley Talbot who taught us the power of journaling and speaking our goals into action.

The theme for day two was 'learning to fly'. We ventured out of the Women’s College to Luna Park! There we spent a fun day getting to know our new friends and working in a squad to complete various challenges. This taught us the importance of being able to work with the people around you even if you don’t know them very well. We ended the day with a session entitled ‘The Real Me,’ where people shared their unique experiences that turned them into the person they are. It was amazing to be in a room totally free of judgement where everyone’s story was heard, and everyone felt accepted.

Day three was filled with informative workshops where we let go of our vulnerabilities and really embraced all the experiences we were given. We learnt to give impromptu well-structured speeches, effectively present an idea and take calculated risks in order to achieve our leadership goals. That night we had a formal dinner with guest speaker Georgie Dent. She taught us the dangers of perfectionism.

Day four ‘watch me soar,’ was a short but fun filled day. We had the privilege of listening to Ben Pettingill who taught us three simple steps for achieving our goals; aspire, acquire and take action. As part of the closing ceremony, in our squads, we presented our secret missions, which we had been given two days earlier.

The conference allowed us to gain life skills and strategies to be successful leaders this year. The friendships we made will last a lifetime as we are still in contact with our squads and friends, offering each other advice and a shoulder to lean on. We are very grateful for this unique, once in a lifetime opportunity Mary MacKillop College has given us and we will be sure to share everything we learnt with our fellow SLT members and the school community.


Bianca, Emily, Olivia, Pia
Student Leaders