From the Principal


Welcome to the 2020 School Year

A very warm welcome back to all students and particularly to the Year 7 and 8 students who are attending Mary MacKillop College for the very first time. Some of you already have connections with the College through sisters or cousins, perhaps your mum or grandmother is an old scholar. Whatever your connection, you are very welcome and we hope that you enjoy College life.

You will hear and see the term MacKillop Girl banded around the College, we say 'once a MacKillop Girl always a MacKillop Girl' – that is because you will become a part of the Mary MacKillop story just by being part of the College community.

The other phrase you will hear is 'all day, every day' – attendance is very important and there is a very high correlation between attendance and academic success.

I thank all parents for making this commitment to send your daughters to our school, we are in partnership with you and if you have any concerns, please contact us as soon as possible.

I believe that Mary MacKillop College is a unique school. We are a small school with a reputation for strong academic and pastoral outcomes. The Josephite tradition compels us to be people of faith with a strong sense of social justice.


New Staff

We welcome new staff to the College:

· Zoe Duffy, Sports Coordinator

· Ashleigh Day, English

· Amanda Fairley, Physical Education and Humanities

· Jenny Leydon, Curriculum Support ESO.


50 Years of Mary MacKillop College

This year we celebrate 50 years of Mary MacKillop College. Previously the school was called St Joseph’s High School.

“The College had its beginnings in 1944 when secondary students, who had previously been taught up to leaving Standard at various parish schools run by the Sisters of St Joseph were brought together in Queen Street Norwood at the site vacated by the Marists Brothers in 1942.

In the first year, almost 100 students were enrolled in classes from First Year to Leaving Honours. The school was known as St Joseph’s Higher Primary. In 1950, When the Jesuits took over the Queen Street site as a school for boys, the ‘Higher Primary’ moved to Bridge street where a small school building had served as the parish school until 1942 when the Memorial had been built. Numbers increased until, in the late fifties, a hall in High Street was hired so that extra classes could be accommodated. This led to the building project undertaken by the Sisters of St Joseph and in 1963, the school which had been renamed St Joseph’s High School during the fifties, moved into the Philips Street site with an enrolment of around 260 students.

In 1965, the first extension was built. During Sr Oliver’s last year 1970 – the name was changed to Mary MacKillop College and the building of the library and the Biology lab was begun with the help of Government Grants. In 1974, a pre-fabricated unit was purchased to provide more suitable conditions for Art/Craft and large existing classrooms were modified by the use of operable walls to provide extra teaching space.”

Therefore, the history of the College was very much along the lines of "from little things big things grow” and so here we are today, 50 years have passed since we were named Mary MacKillop College and we are a thriving faith community of learners. We must thank the Sisters for their courageous work, bold decisions and dedication to education for the less fortunate.

The position of Deputy Principal has recently been advertised, and I will keep the College community informed as the process unfolds.

I look forward to the 2020 school year and I encourage all students to explore all the opportunities available at the College.


Kath McGuigan