From the Director of Curriculum: Ultimate Asia


In the Australian curriculum there are several cross curriculum priorities and one of these is Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia. As Asia is our nearest neighbour and will be increasingly important socially and economically for Australia’s future, it is important for students to develop an understanding of Asian culture.

This understanding underpins the capacity of Australian students to be active and informed global citizens and we are aware that many of our students will travel to, or possibly work, in these countries in the very near future.

To end the school year our Year 7 and 8 students were involved in Ultimate Asia. The aim of this activity was to allow our students to develop knowledge and understanding of Asian societies, cultures, beliefs and environments, and since the activities were all student driven, to encourage the girls to develop their team work and collaborative skills.

Monday 2 December began with a brief assembly where the Ultimate Asia experience was launched. Students from India shared traditional dances and a comparison of life in India and Australia. The Year 8 Dance class also shared their Bollywood dancing skills in a delightful performance. Ariel, King Triton, Ursula and Sebastian (from the Little Mermaid) arrived from Under the Sea to launch the program. Each class group was assigned an Asian country. Over the next two days each group was required to decorate their classroom door, present a multi media display that explores various aspects of their allocated country and finally make Asia come alive by teaching the rest of the students something from the culture of their allocated country. How they organised their time, what their presentations would look like was all managed by the students.

There were also a variety of 10 minute challenges during the day where two representatives from each class had to complete a challenge that included creating an icon from their country in playdough, drawing the flag from memory, and identifying an item from their culture by feel only (the mushy mango was interesting!).

The classroom doors were judged by Mrs McGuigan on Monday afternoon and the diversity and creativity of the students was amazing. Student representatives explained their door and took the Leadership Team on an amazing journey through Asia in a short space of time.

Tuesday saw the girls present their displays to the school community. It was such a delight to see the students' active engagement in their learning and for them to manage their group’s activities and the direction their tasks would go, it was truly student centred learning at its best. Please enjoy the photo gallery showcasing the students’ learning.


Cathy Swain
Director of Curriculum