Art & Design @ MMC


We have ended our year full of colour and three-dimensional creations.

Year 7 students created colourful Egyptian portraits, studying the colours used in Ancient Egypt and portraits of the Pharaohs. They also created beautiful ceramic angels.

Year 8s designed and created ceramic pots in the style of Ancient Greek pottery, including story telling on their vessels.

Year 9 students created three-dimensional birds, using papier-mâché. They studied the works of Indigenous artists, where birds were prominent, then created their own birds.

Year 10 Art students developed ideas inspired by Surrealism and produced their own surrealist images including themes such as love and war.

Year 10 Design students created beautiful three-dimensional garments, choosing to work on the theme of the four seasons and the elements of the earth. These dresses were designed and created using paper and one other medium.

Year 11 Art students worked on collage and text and Year 11 Design students created room interiors.

What a colourful and creative year it's been!

We wish you all a joyous Christmas and a happy New Year.


Linda Di Blasio & Romina Penna
Visual Art & Design Teachers