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Curriculum Enrichment Program – Middle School Ethics Olympiad


On Tuesday 19 November, two teams from Mary MacKillop College attended the first South Australian Middle School Ethics Olympiad at Loreto College. Teams consisted of students from Year 7 and Year 8. Students were presented with various ethical problems and given opportunities to engage in meaningful and respectful discourse with students from other schools to address these problems. Students worked collaboratively and used critical thinking and problem solving skills to develop an ethical response to an interesting and challenging ethical problem. 

Questions included:

What obligations does society have to support citizens caring for animals? For example, should the government fund community veterinary clinics or provide affordable health insurance for pets?

What constitutes stealing? Is it stealing even when the food is going to be trashed? If you secretly took napkins, plastic-ware, and condiments packages instead of food, should this action be valued the same?

The feedback from the students was extremely positive and although it was a challenging experience, it was an enjoyable and rewarding one. It helped to raise students’ awareness of ethical issues within society and encourage them to think more deeply about social issues.


Leanne Carr
Inclusive Education Coordinator