Maths @ MMC: CHOOSEMATHS Student Awards 2019


The CHOOSEMATHS Student Awards 2019 celebrate Mathematical achievement, creativity and excellence in Australian schools. The awards, delivered by AMSI (Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute) and supported by the BHP Foundation, encouraged students to get creative as they stepped beyond the classroom to bring their understanding of Mathematics to life on film.

The video we have produced, demonstrates the usefulness and importance of Mathematics and presents a real-world application in a creative and entertaining way. This year the theme of the Awards was “Maths Makes Everything Possible” and we chose to explain the concept of Surface Area to Volume Ratio by answering the question “Why do penguins huddle to keep warm?”.

The Mary MacKillop College team, “Huddling Penguins” was recommended to receive one of the CHOOSEMATHS Student Awards. There were ten awards that were presented at the CHOOSEMATHS Presentation Ceremony on Friday 18 October at Leonda by the Yarra in Melbourne. The celebration was accompanied by a formal luncheon.


The girls recount their experience:

After many weeks of hard work of filming, editing and preparing for the CHOOSEMATHS Awards, we were privileged enough to travel to Melbourne to accept our award for being placed in the top three of the intermediate category.

It was a very early start, with the day commencing at 4:45am when we made our way to Adelaide airport, in time for our flight that left at 6am. When we arrived in Melbourne Ms Sutton, who accompanied us, treated us to breakfast. Then around 10am the conference started at the beautiful Leonda Conference Centre on the Yarra River where we had a three course lunch and watched recipients from all over Australia (mostly from Queensland) and us (the only South Australian team) receive our awards. It was a nice experience to see how the other schools interpreted the theme of “Maths Makes Everything Possible”.


When the conference finished, we received a certificate, a medal and a banner with each of our names, our video title “Why do Penguins Huddle?” and our school name on it. We were so proud of our achievements and banner that we decided to bring it home to Adelaide with us. Even when the airport security questioned us carrying the 2 metre banner, we somehow managed to eventually get it home with us. We appreciate the work of Mrs. Tatarelli and Ms. Christopher for allowing us to enter this competition. We loved engaging with the topic “Maths Makes Everything Possible” and being part of the Huddling Penguins team.


Our video can be viewed on YouTube at


Anida D’Agostino, Alexis Bonelli, Lauren Daly & Aditi Seepersad