Year 11 Science Excursion - Ingenuity @ ACC


On Thursday 31 October, nine Year 11 students made the trip to the Adelaide Convention Centre for the University of Adelaide 2019 Ingenuity Exhibition.

Ingenuity is an annual interactive showcase of the university's students research projects. Students studying in the fields of engineering and computer and mathematical sciences, presented their research projects and shared their experiences of their studies in the above STEM sciences.

The projects that were presented explored real life applications of STEM and were categorised into one of the following areas: Transforming Technologies, Securing our Future, Our Built and Natural Environments, Healthy Society and Future Energy and Resources.

We talked to a number of students about their projects and future aspirations and participated in a number of activities including learning about use of an electron microscope in multiple areas of science. Electron microscopes are powerful tools which help scientists gain a better understanding of structures, for example a more detailed understanding of the biological structure of a butterfly and how metal particles in airplane oil can indicate potential structural issues that may reside within its structure.

Some students expanded their knowledge of the creative application of mathematical concepts through solving a puzzle involving numerical patterns.

Overall, Ingenuity was an eye-opening experience which increased our awareness of the vast number of STEM study and career pathways available to us in the future.


Josie Spizzo
Science Leader of Learning