Year 7 Science Excursion - Bolivar Sewage Treatment Works


During Weeks 3 and 4, the three Year 7 classes went on a Science excursion to Bolivar Sewage Treatment Works. Students learnt about the process of converting sewage water into renewable resources, which linked to previous topics learnt in Science such as Mixtures and the Earth’s resources. Students also visited St Kilda Mangroves to learn about the importance of the Mangrove community found at St Kilda. 


Student Reflection

On Wednesday 6 November, 7 Green went on an excursion to the Bolivar Sewage Treatment Works.  

When we got off the bus, we first noticed the smell. The tour guide then informed us that the smell would get worse but we ended up being okay. It was very interesting learning about how the waste works and where it would go and be used after being treated. It was great to learn about the history and how they would work at the sewage works in the past.

After, we went on the bus and stopped at St Kilda Adventure Playground for recess. This playground is different and unique. A big attraction for everyone were the big slides, swings and flying fox that went really fast.

After recess we walked over to the St Kilda Mangrove Trail. This was a great place for taking photos and especially going to the look out spot. You could see so many beautiful trees. On the trail there were Black Mangrove leaves. Our teachers told us to lick the back of the leaf, which actually has a really nice salty flavour, in fact, it tastes like salty potato chips!

It was very fascinating going on the Mangrove trail, learning about all the things that grow there. The scenes were especially beautiful. After we completed the trail, we got back onto the bus and went back to the St Kilda Playground for lunch.

Overall this was a great science excursion and everyone learnt a lot.


Year 7 Green Students
Olivia S & Keeleigh O