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English @ MMC - Spring Poetry Launch 2019


“Prose: words in their best order;

poetry: the best words in the best order.”

Samuel Taylor Coleridge


The Spring Poetry Festival is an annual event organised and conducted by The South Australian Teachers Association. In Semester 1, students across Years 7 – 12 studied the beauty, power and the mastery of poetry. Whilst evolving their analytical and interpretative skills, students also found an appreciation of language and its power to enrich and describe its subject matter succinctly and figuratively.

Each year, at the completion of the poetry unit, students are invited to write their own poem/s and allow their words to metaphorically dance on the page. Whether their words are to inspire, to express profound emotion or to demand change, the power of words and their impact is infinite.

In 2019, we are pleased to announce that seven students had their poems selected for publication in the Spring Poetry Anthology. These students competed with 600 students across the state for a position in the anthology. To have their words recognised by other esteemed published poets was exceptional.


Mollie (7 Red) “The Great Australian Road Trip”

Tahlia (9 Blue) “Climate Change”

Chiara (9 Red) “The Shape of the Bone”

Jamie (10 Red) “Oblivion”

Chloe (10 Red) “Anxiety”

Ariel (11Blue) “Vesuvius”

Rose (11 Green) “The Opposite Gender”


On Saturday 29 October, four students were able to attend the Spring Poetry Launch at Pulteney Grammar School. With local poet Nigel Ford reciting some of his work and then prize-winning students reading their words, the launch was bathed in pride, passion and creativity. Each student received a copy of the anthology and each can now call herself a published writer. Congratulations.


Mini Del Corso
English Leader of Learning