To the Class of 2019, I bid you farewell: A Speech by Mrs Sarah Morris


Good Morning.

This morning I have the privilege of delivering the Year 12 Pastoral Care Coordinators address – we made it.

So now to my beautiful girls, it is with enormous pride that I address you for the last time, in front of our College Community and I would like to share a story with you…

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to dream. She would wish upon the stars and dream of a future filled with fun and adventure. As the little girl grew up, she continued to dream and the more she dreamed the better she felt.

She simply couldn’t wait for the moment when her dreams would come true. Yet no matter how hard she wished, none of those stars seemed to fall in her lap so she decided she just needed to wish harder. In fact, she became so preoccupied with her wishing and dreaming that she stopped being present to the opportunities that were right in front of her, instead choosing to hold faith with the stars, that they would deliver for her.

Then one clear evening, when the sky was twinkling with stars, she noticed something floating by. It was another young girl, but she was clutching desperately to a rope and the rope appeared to be attached to a brightly sparkling star.

The little girl was amazed as she called out, “What are you doing? Are you alright?”

“I’m catching my wishing star” she replied, “I’m going to make my wishes come true” and surely and steadily the young girl began climbing up the rope towards her star.

The little girl looked up in the sky at all the stars she had ever wished upon. There were millions and millions of them, each one twinkling so brightly, they made up all of the dreams and wishes of her past. Even though she wanted to hold on to all of them, because of the joy and the memories they had brought her, she knew they had to stay there. The time had come for her to look to a new star, one that would take her into a future of new dreams and wishes.

She now knew that it would take good aim, unfailing courage and sheer determination to catch her star. Even after she had hold of it, she ran the risk of falling or letting go by accident and even if she could manage to hold on – she would still need enormous strength to pull herself to the top.

But this did not deter her. With the secret for turning her dreams into reality she picked up a rope and with all of her might, threw it up into the sky, wrapped it around her chosen star and held on for dear life.

This year, you too have learnt how to catch your star. You have demonstrated over and over your courage, strength and determination. Now is the time for you to choose your new star. You all know how to do it and the rope is right there beside you, just waiting for you to decide.

So why the story of the star you ask – I guess you could say the star has been the symbol of our co-hort. From Matthew 5: “Let your light shine before others” the star has been the symbol that allowed us to become Everyday Leaders in Year 11 and Year 12 Stars. The star shape itself is representative of us as a group because by its very nature it reaches out to everything around it. It wants to stand out from the crowd and it encourages us to look at things differently, to see a different perspective, just like we all do.

A star is also quite social – it often hangs out in the sky with other stars, but it is also perfectly happy to go dim for a while to allow others around it to shine brighter - and that just represents our Year 12’s perfectly.

Throughout history stars have represented limitless possibilities and infinite wonder. They are an ever present constant in our lives. The perfect combination of magical and mysterious. They know when shine most brightly for us, yet are happy to fade back when we can find our own way. A bit like your teachers really.…

The realisation that the little girl needed to capture and pursue her dreams was just a fleeting moment – but one that would change the direction of her life forever, because defining moments in our lives are often fleeting. They come and go and if you aren’t paying attention, (or you are too busy looking at your phone) you miss them.

So…. right now I want you to take this opportunity to be fully present to this moment. To look around you and take this all in, because you won’t ever get this moment back.

All around you are the people who over the years have clothed you, fed you, been a taxi service for you, inspired you, guided you, helped you, listened to you, nagged you, grumped at you, laughed with you (and laughed at you), sung with you, danced with you, made mischief with you, cried with you, celebrated with you, empathised with you or who have just been there for you.

These are the people who have cheered you up when you were down, wouldn’t let you give up when everything seemed too hard, calmed you down when you got yourself into a state, hugged you “just because you needed it,” they have supported your crazy ideas and most importantly have had confidence in you, even when you didn’t have it in yourself

These are your people, and this is one of your defining moments. So hold on to it.

Today as a community we thank you for the friendship you have offered us, the laughter you have shared with us, and the absolute joy you have given us.

We thank you for your everyday leadership, your energy, your spontaneity and your knack for randomly breaking out into song

For your passion, your commitment, your creativity, your determination and your tireless effort.

For your cheekiness and mischief, and your sense of fun.

For your selfless desire to teach us patience, by repeatedly wearing too many earrings or telling us, “Oh…I’m sure I’ve already handed that work in.”

For your camaraderie, your compassion, your service to others and for your deep desire to make the world a better place.

For the considerate way you support each other and the way you constantly look out for each other.

Most of all we thank you for the trust you and your family have placed in us as we have guided you and watched you become the wonderful, confident, caring, considerate and inspirational young women you are today.

You have done us all proud.

So as this chapter of your life closes and a new one begins we sincerely hope that you will cherish the time you have had with us.

That you look back with fondness at the many memories you have made throughout your time at MMC.

That you carry in your heart the wonderful journey you have had in this special community and that you let your light shine for all to see, because you are, and always will be, a MacKillop Girl.

Thank you.


Sarah Morris
Year 12 Pastoral Care Coordinator