Farewell Speech from the 2019 College Captains


Today marks the final moment that the Year 12 cohort will gather together with the school community; a community that has provided us with opportunities, laughter and endless support.For the final time, we stand before you today as your 2019 College Captains, Carla & Carla or otherwise known as C2. On behalf of the graduating Class of 2019, we would like to say thank you to all the people who have made, and continue to make, Mary MacKillop College the wonderful place that it is.

To the sisters of St Joseph, we express gratitude for your work in being inspirational role models, for showing us what it truly means to walk in the footsteps of Mary Mackillop and carry forward her vision with integrity. We thank you for your prayers as they have comforted us, strengthened us and encouraged us as we have walked in Mary’s footsteps for the last 5 years.

To the College Board, we express gratitude for your unconditional faith in the College and its community. Your guidance and stewardship are invaluable to the legacy of Mary MacKillop.

To Ms McGuigan and the Leadership Team, we express gratitude for your vision, the wisdom you bring and for making decisions which enhance the learning, spirituality and social development of our precious community. Thank you for your part in guiding and shaping us into women worthy of Mary MacKillop College.

To the administration staff, we express gratitude for always greeting us with a friendly smile, for looking after us when we are unwell and for getting us what we needed from band-aids to ribbons. Your behind the scenes involvement has not gone unnoticed.

To Mrs Morris, our Year 12 Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator. We express gratitude for your endless support and patience when it came to pulling us out of our despair on the days when we wanted to give up. We are grateful for your selflessness when putting our needs before your own and reminding us that everything would be okay, no matter what obstacle we encountered.

To our subject teachers, from Years 8 to 12, who inspired us each and every day. We express gratitude for your constant encouragement to be our best and aim for the stars, even when we felt it was impossible.

To our families, we express gratitude for loving us unconditionally and for being people we can always turn to whenever needed. Thank you for putting up with our mood swings and always reassuring us that despite our stressful days we are strong enough to achieve our goals and much more.

And to the Class of 2019... we thank you. We thank you for the friendships that will last long into the future. We thank you for the cherished memories we have created over the past five years, and we thank you for the high-school experiences of MMC. We are certain that no matter what, we will always support each other in the years to come. As we look at you, our friends, we see a cohort that has grown and developed into independent young women, ready to face the world beyond the college walls.

Although our journey has come to an end, may we remember the times that we have shared, the moments that have had the greatest impact and acknowledge our greatest challenges and successes.

Year 8:

Well where did we begin? For most us of, it began in 2015, when we walked through the gates as shy and quiet Year 8s. Practically strangers, little did we know the bonds that would form as we faced challenges that brought us together in such a short space of time. At first, we blended in, despite the soon to be new uniform that would make us stand out in the later years. At the beginning of the year, we were given opportunities to adapt to our new school environment and meet new people, and this was achieved through Year 8 camp. The Omnibus Cup tested our abilities to work together as a team and showcased our qualities of leadership and resilience, even though there was a great rivalry to defeat 8 Red.

Year 9:

Soon came Year 9, no longer were we the fresh kids of the school.  It was a year of testing the waters, rebellion and risk taking. We were able to make our mark through multiple ear piercings, acrylic nails and leggings under our winter skirts. We sure did test the boundaries. Sorry Ms Sutton. But no need to worry because Mrs Corbo seemed to have a sixth sense for nail polish. Fortunately for us, we were rewarded with a camping trip to Challenge Hill. Unfortunately, it was about -5 degrees and by the morning our tents had become igloos, completely covered in frost. Testing the boundaries and trying to find ourselves spiritually, we were guided by our traditional lessons with ‘The Rite Journey’ which allowed us to reflect on our actions.

Year 10:

Moving into Year 10, we were now the middle children. We got our first taste of SACE through the infamous PLP, beginning to consider where our interests and hobbies could take us career wise. However, some of these lessons were spent planning our sweet sixteenths, organising our social costumes or practicing the RAA learners test.

Year 11:

Now moving into the senior years of high school, Year 11 was a year of firsts. Our first encounter with Stage 1 tested our abilities to remain calm, stay focused and build new study habits. Our first formal was what most girls had dreamt about since Year 9 and some girls even created folders of what their hair, dress and makeup would look like. The night allowed us to let our hair down, literally, and make unforgettable memories. With Year 12 dawning upon us, we were exposed to new leadership opportunities and faced with important subject selection choices.

Year 12:

In the blink of an eye, we were suddenly the only year level left in the original uniform. Year 12.  Ms Parente had always told us that high school was going to fly by, but we had no idea how quickly it would actually go. Although we imagine the college is eager to finally have a school in one uniform, we hope you will secretly miss our ‘energetic’ and ‘enthusiastic’ cohort. Year 12s, our year has been filled with so many memories and we have accomplished so much. We have conquered the almighty Research Project, 15-page math investigations, PE moderation, and external assessment pieces. We had no idea what we were capable of and Year 12 truly tested our abilities. We also got to make new memories and reminisce about what makes MMC the place that it is.

We will always remember…..

  • Ms Sutton wearing shorts every day even when it was -10 degrees
  • Mrs Morris locking us out of the common room… more than once
  • Ms Del Corso’s mantra of ‘English is blood, sweat and tears’
  • Mr Alvaro’s Jimmy jokes, we may have heard them twice
  • Ms MacLennan’s love for games and riddles
  • Vera’s warm and friendly smile in the front office
  • Ms Lumsden’s love for baking and the treats she would bring us
  • Mrs Spizzo’s 80-page booklets, even though the topic is on sustainability

And there are many more…

Year 12 was a year of lasts. Our last swimming carnival, our last JJAMM week, our last time checking SEQTA and our last time gathering in this Church today. The ‘graduation’ countdown on the Common Room whiteboard has now become a reality, and speaking of the common room… Mrs Morris, we are truly sorry for not cleaning up our dishes, short circuiting the microwave with heat packs and using it as a place to catch up on some sleep.

We have come to learn so much about each other and we are proud to be a part of the MacKillop sisterhood. As a cohort we have worked hard, and we congratulate each of you on your personal achievements and success. However, it is now time to let go and start the next chapter of our lives. We know… it’s scary, all we’ve ever known for 13 years is the routine of school. But the fear of the unknown won’t stop us from continuing to achieve great things. Today as we approach the next chapter in our lives, we wish that the graduating class follows in the footsteps of Mary MacKillop and become women of strength and teach more by example than by word.

We thank the College and the Class of 2019 for electing us as College Captains and for placing your trust in us. We have been so grateful to hold this position and have humbly walked this rewarding journey with your support. Throughout our MacKillop journey so many people have supported us and shaped us into who we are today. We thank the entire MacKillop community who has played a role in getting us to where we are today. We thank you for your impact no matter how small it may have been.

To any past, present or future MacKillop girls we leave you this…..

  • Live in the moment and soak in your surroundings, to create those memories and appreciate the everyday wonders of life. 
  • Take every opportunity that comes your way because life begins at the end of your comfort zone and you never know where it will lead you
  • Take moments here and there to express gratitude for every aspect of your life. Giving thanks creates a positive atmosphere and can enhance your mood and relationships.
  • Work hard and set goals. Goals can create a road map for success, and you will be able to achieve anything you set your mind too.

And finally, always remember that … once a MacKillop girl, always a MacKillop girl.

Thank you.


Carla & Carla
2019 College Captains