From the Sports Coordinator


On Tuesday 15 October, students, families, friends and staff of the College gathered together to celebrate all things sport at the College. Led by our four Sport Captains Giorgiana, Maddison, Stephanie and Tamara, it was a night to acknowledge the contribution MacKillop girls make to the field of Physical Education and Sport. There were stories shared, successes celebrated and exciting performances, all of which were shared with a Special Guest.

Natalie von Bertouch, former Australian Diamonds Netball captain and Thunderbirds Premiership winning captain joined our community on this evening to share her story and passion for sport. Students who received a CPR award were also fortunate enough to be presented with their medal by Natalie. She shared with us experiences from her netball career and five keys to success. The main message Natalie presented on was making the most of opportunities. She shared with us her favourite quote that always inspired her take on new opportunities “What if I fall? Oh but darling, what if you fly?” She also emphasised the importance of goal setting and having team values that are unique to each team.

In addition to Natalie’s presentation, we were fortunate to have two very talented Year 7 Dance students perform for us. Alessia and Crystelle performed two dance routines, which left the audience sitting on their edge of their seats, amazed with the many flips and pirouettes they performed. We thank Alessia and Crystelle for their performance and wish them all the best for upcoming competitions.

On behalf of the PE and Sports department, I take this opportunity to thank the students, families, staff and coaches who joined us at our Sports Evening and for your ongoing support of Sport at the College.


Kate Marks
Sports Coordinator