From the Director of Curriculum


Awards Assembly

The focus of the Week 1 Assembly was excellence. Students were presented with Principal’s Academic Awards for excellence in their Term 3 studies. Before presenting the awards I shared with the students some thoughts on learning.

What does it mean to learn? Almost every action you take is the result of past learning. As babies we  learnt to eat, to crawl, to walk, etc. and as we grow we continue to learn a wide range of skills. Many experiences in school provide students with learning opportunities from which you can choose whether or not to learn.  

Learning involves thinking: but it also involves your whole personality - senses, feelings, intuition, beliefs, values and will.  If you do not have the will to learn, you will not learn and if we have learned, we are actually changed in some way. 

Learning is not something that can be directly observed in others.  We can, however, observe the results of learning in ourselves and others. The following students who received Principal’s Academic Awards certainly have shown evidence of the highest degree of learning.

Year 7: Erin, Caitlyn, Eloise, Kahlea, Carla, Alessia, Emilie, Jaymie, Mollie and Madeline.

Year 8: Amara, Estella, Olivia, Gracy, Hannah, Ava, Katia, Jessica, Elysse, Sabrina and Vanessa

Year 9: Tahlia, Stella, Sophia, Matilda, Anida, Amelia, Alyssa, Aditi and Ella

Year 10: Janine, Nicole, Isabella, Chloe, Ava, Elliot, Nivetha, Isabella, Tess, Amelia, Ella and Nicola

Year 11: Olivia, Madeleine, Grace, Julia Principe, Mia, Gurleen, Jasmine, Emily M and Emily S

I would also like to make a special mention of Year 12 student Carla, who has received a Principals’ Academic Award every time they have been awarded since Year 8!


Booklists & Resources 2020

Before the end of term students will receive their list of subjects and booklist ordering information for 2020. This information will outline how to access the Campion website to complete the order of required stationary and any textbooks or e-licences for products. Families are able to see the suggested stationary requirements and should place their order as required. Campion have requested that this be completed by Friday 22 November to ensure prompt delivery in January 2020.

Since 2015, we have utilised an e-licence for a bundle of textbooks from Jacaranda publishing. While this has suited our purposes up until now, a review undertaken by each learning area has indicated new resources that we feel are more suited to teaching and learning for our students. In your booklist, depending on your daughter’s year level, there are several different licence requirements for digital textbooks in different subjects from different providers. These items are compulsory as this will be the textbook you daughter will need for that subject in 2020. Please ensure you complete purchase of that item through the Campion website for these items.

Digital log in details to access these resources will be delivered to students in the relevant subjects in the first classes of the 2020 school year. Stationery items listed on the booklist are recommended and of course, don’t have to purchased if you already have them.

If you have any queries about your booklists for 2020 please don’t hesitate to contact me via


Cathy Swain
Director of Curriculum