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Art @ MMC


"Art is too important not to share" - Romero Britto

The words of Brazilian artist Romero Britto remind us of the importance of sharing our art with the community. It is such a significant part of our lives and an opportunity to express our thoughts, feelings, imagination and talent.

MMC students have shared some incredible expressions of creativity and skill in Semester 1.

Year 7’s finished the semester with painted Ancient Egyptian self-portraits.

Year 8 students worked on line and tone in a tea-cup setting as well as black and white line imagery.

Year 9 students studied the Renaissance and developed an understanding of aerial perspective. With this knowledge, they painted landscapes focusing on distance and perspective.

Year 10 Art students combined art and science, investigating curious objects under the microscope. Their paintings displayed abstract interpretations of the minuscule parts of everyday life.

Our Year 10 Design students explored an ocean theme through 3D fashion, creating amazing garments from mixed media, full of colour and energy.

Year 11 Art students worked on portraits, exploring artists and media. Their final self-portraits reflected their identity, each with its own story to tell.

Design in Year 11 demonstrated the structure and principles of interior design and architecture. Students created excellent designs each with creative themes throughout.

Year 12 Visual Art students continue to work towards their end of year exhibition held in Term 4, exploring personal and imaginative themes.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Mikaela Pearce who replaced Ms. Di Blasio during her long service leave in Term 2. Mikaela’s professionalism and support for the students was greatly appreciated.


Linda Di Blasio and Romina Penna
Art Teachers