Antipodeans Abroad Experience - By Year 11 student Loren


"To everyone back at home, After a long and overly cosy 4 hour bus ride from Phnom Penh to sihounukville, the team jumped on board the Cambodian Speed boat ferry to the beautiful Koh Rong island. The weather forecast gave us the impression that 2 days of rain were to be expected for the time of our stay on the island, however it was nothing but perfect conditions when we docked in to a place that can only be described as paradise.

A short walk across the white sand beach landed us at our accomodation, a set of three, beach front wooden bungalows that looked out onto the beach directly in front. After an afternoon of swimming and lazing around the beach, one of the groups were joined for the night by a big lizard that decided to make himself at home on their roof of their bungalow.

The team then had a long awaited sleep-in, however some girls chose to spend that time sitting on the beach or in a hammock watching the sun rise. We began the day by going for a walk along the beach, exploring the different sides of the island and playing a game of beach volleyball with a pair of other tourists. In the afternoon we set off on a tour, beginning with a boat ride that took us for the ideal snorkelling location, a small island just off Koh Rong.

The marine life was spectacular and we all jumped in the water to have a look, although some opted for goggles over the classic snorkelling equipment. Next, the boat took us to a spot a little further out to do some fishing, with anything we caught being turned into our dinner for the night. Despite Miss MacLennan's determination, the only one of us who caught a fish was Maddy, who almost cried because she realised its fate as she pulled it up into the boat.

After dinner, the tour concluded with a nighttime boat ride to a spot in the island that is particularly famous for bioluminescent plankton. While the bright moon meant that the plankton were not as visible as they could be, it was an amazing experience to splash in the water and see the glitter-like plankton glow with the movement of the water. All in all, our experience on Koh Rong has been nothing but blissful and I think that I speak on behalf of the team when I saw that this is definitely a destination that I can't wait to return to one day.

Lots of love, Loren and the team ❤️"

By Year 11 student Loren