Mary MacKillop College Celebrates Academic Excellence
at Awards Assembly


Due to the South Australian lockdown at the start of Term 3, we were not able to gather as a College community on Thursday 22 July to celebrate our Principal's 'Know More. Do More. Be More' and Academic Excellence Award recipients. Instead, we presented these students with their certificates on Thursday 19 August (Week 5). This was a wonderful opportunity to recognise growth and celebrate success.

In his address to the students, Mr Louis de Jager (Deputy Principal) mentioned that it was a chance to honour all students for the dedication and determination they show every day. Coming together to recognise and celebrate accomplishment is an important part of living and working as a community. The feeling of satisfaction is the real reward every day. It is a privilege to be selected for an award, but you do not need an award to prove who you are or what you have accomplished. Showing respect and appreciation means applauding the winners and congratulating them later. Let us be proud of the award recipients and all student achievements, and celebrate with them.

'Know More. Do More. Be More' Award Recipients
Presented to students who contribute to College and community life whilst maintaining a focus on their studies.

Year 7: Lucy, Isla, Mikayla, Kate and Sierra

Year 8: Alicia, Jessie, Asha, Sienna and Francesca

Year 9: Erin, Isabella, Alessia, Jaymie, Eloise and Ivy

Year 10: Estella, Ava, Emily and Jessica

Year 11: Analissa, Alexis, Lauren, Ella and Alexandra

Academic Excellence Award Recipients
Presented to students who have achieved outstanding results in their Semester 1 reports.

Year 7: Zara, Eliana, Scarlett, Lucy, Alana, Gabriella, Amelia and Sierra

Year 8: Eliza, Jennifer, Chiara, Emily, Sophie, Poppy, Allegra, Jasmine, Jenna and Zarah

Year 9: Erin, Madeline, Emilie, Alissa, Sukhreet, Piper, Jaymie, Caitlyn, Scarlett, Aliza, Ivy, Kahlea and Alexandra

Year 10: Olivia, Estella, Gracy, Naaz, Samira, Hailey, Katia, Emily, Jessica and Elysse

Year 11: Analissa, Siena, Tahlia, Tara, Anida, Lauren, Alyssa, Daniella, Sophia, Junyi, Georgia, Alyssa, Aditi, Jamie, Alisha, Ella and Charlie

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MacKillop Student's Art on Display and for Sale at Local Cafe


Year 8 student, Sophia has devoted her time to create some impeccably detailed drawings of exotic Australian birds dressed in fancy and colourful accessories. Rendered in colour pencil, these bold feathered friends are currently on display and for sale at Gilberries (37 Dulwich Avenue, Dulwich, South Australia 5065). Catch them before they fly out the door!


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From the Principal

by Kath McGuigan


Well we have certainly had an interesting start to the term and not one we were expecting. It was lovely to see everyone back at school. We had a number of students and staff who had to isolate, however everyone is all back on deck. Our JJAMM week and Feast Day festivities moved a week. With the new restrictions, we had to modify some of our events. We were able to have jewellery making on Monday, our annual jam donut eating competition on Tuesday, jumping castle activities on Wednesday, Bingo and BBQ on Thursday and staff vs students’ volleyball on Friday. This week has truly been full of fun and memorable activities. The Year 12s received their commemorative jumpers and it is slowly dawning on them that their academic year is swiftly ending.

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From the Deputy Principal

Louis de Jager


Our start to the term was unexpected, flipping our mode of learning from face-to-face to remote is not an easy switch at short notice. This time we had a day to prepare for remote learning. Considering this, staff, students, and parents have done a great job in ensuring that learning continued successfully for the week we were in lockdown. We were able to use our plans from last year (MMC@Home) to help keep students learning and connected. If there is one thing we can learn from this experience, partnership matters. Thank you!

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From the Director of Students

Lauren Sutton


Last weekend, I had the pleasure of coaching my MacKillop Netball team. It was the first game back after a long break and the Year 12 MMC 1 team were one win away from a Grand Final spot. Before I continue with the outcome, a quick history of the team. All members have played netball for the College in each of their five years; the team has made four Grand Finals and has won three of those - an outstanding effort.

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From the Future Pathways Coordinator

Melissa Couzner


Australian Defence Force Recruiting Leadership Day

Abigail (Year 11) and Sascia (Year 9) took part in the Australian Defence Force Recruiting Leadership Day. The Leadership day took place on Wednesday 30 June during the last week of Term 2. The format included presentations, workshops and group activities on values, communication, positive thinking, planning and resilience. There was also Q&A at the end of the session with several current serving members of the Royal Australian Navy, Royal Australian Air Force and Australian Army. Both Abigail and Sascia found it to be a wonderful experience.

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From the Sports Coordinator

Zoe Duffy


Despite a small break in competition, our Mary MacKillop College winter sport teams were straight back into action last weekend with Blue Round. This round was held to help raise awareness and encourage discussions surrounding Mental Health. Well done to all of our teams for supporting the cause. A canteen voucher was available for the most creatively dressed team and awarded according to the most number of likes received on the College Facebook page. Congratulations to Year 11/12 MMC 3 for their very creative efforts!

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Careers & Future Pathways Notices


An Introduction to STEM Careers at DSTG work experience placement with Defence Science and Technology Group

Located at Edinburgh from 16-20 August 2021, Ref no: WEP/03582/21.

Students can apply for this via the Defence Work Experience Program website.

Student activities will include:

  • Tracking simulations for aircraft surveillance
  • Digital identity using facial recognition
  • Machine Learning model training
  • ‘Learn to Hack’ activity
  • Mathematics and statistics for operation analysis
  • Exposure to wider Defence industry
  • Opportunities to speak to staff about their careers and how they got where they are today

There are 10 spots for students available in this program. For further information, please contact Melissa Couzner via email

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As Seen in The Adelaide East Herald:
MacKillop Girls Shine at the Research Project

by Arj Ganesan


Mary MacKillop College is named in honour of a dedicated educator and Australia’s first saint.

Since its inception, the school has become well known to locals for its high standards of education as well as the values it imparts upon its students.

In recent year’s the College has established a reputation for the results they have achieved during the Stage 2 Research Project.

The subject was first established by the SACE board to allow students to conduct detailed research on an area of interest.

“At Mary MacKillop College, an experienced and highly skilled group of teachers has taught the Research Project over a number of years,” Principal Kath McGuigan said.

“These teachers are passionate about the subject and believe that it has value as a learning experience and as a platform for other subject disciplines.

“Research has shown that those students who do well in the Stage 2 Research Project also do well in their university studies.”

The Research Project differs from ‘standard’ subjects such as English, Maths and History in that it is entirely student driven.

Students select their area of interest and the topic that they wish to research.

“The girls researched a range of different topics from the effect of chemotherapy on younger children to sleep deprivation in adolescents,” Kath said.

“The results from the 2021 Year 12 cohort were excellent with 57 per cent of students receiving a grade in the A band for the Stage 2 Research Project.

“We are very proud of all of our Year 12 students who have obtained excellent results in the Stage 2 Research Project this year.”

Kath said the Research Project embodies a favourite quote of hers from American futurist and
author Alvin Toffler. “The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot, learn, unlearn and relearn,” Alvin wrote.


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From the Principal

by Kath McGuigan


It is amazing to think that we are halfway through the school year and for our Year 12s almost two thirds of the way there. Term 3 promises to be busy, as we look forward to JJAMM Week and Feast Day festivities.

I am delighted to announce that the College Board has decided that we will embark on a major Capital Project. This Capital Project will include a new Arts and Science Building. We also intend to renovate our Home Economics Centre into an industry standard food technology space. The Architects chosen by the Board to embark on this journey with us are JPE Design. JPE have won a number of awards for previous projects and aim to involve staff and students in the design process. The rest of 2021 will be planning and consultation with the aim to build during 2022.

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