From the Religious Education Coordinator


“ Listen to what the Spirit is saying…”

At Mary MacKillop College we value the times where we unite to celebrate and develop our faith. 

Despite the challenges of 2020 the College community was able to join together in prayer by celebrating in the End of Year Liturgy of the Word.

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From the Principal


Year 12s have completed their SACE exams, and our 10s and 11s are coming to the end of their courses and will soon embark on revision and exams. Our students are hard at work and highly engaged in their lessons. Staff are thinking ahead to 2021 and planning for new courses. It is a busy time at the College.

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From the Deputy Principal


As our Year 12 students relax after their exams, Year 10 and 11 students begin theirs on Monday, 23 November and need to start revising as it is easy to lose focus on the long term picture. The exam period is an extremely important one and students should rightly be focusing on them at this stage.

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From the Sports Coordinator


The final round of Term 4 Sport is next weekend, with our Senior Teams finishing their season this Saturday. Well done to all of our Volleyball, Touch Football, Tennis and Basketball teams on their commitment and enthusiasm for the season. Premiership placings are determined by the ladder position after the final round of competition. I look forward to sharing our Term 4 Sport premiership winning teams in the next Newsletter.

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Physical Education @ MMC - PE Week


In Week 5, students celebrated and acknowledged PE Week by participating in a variety of activities to be involved in all things sport. Our Year 9 students were challenged by a lacrosse clinic, involving learning skills of the game and finishing with a round-robin tournament.

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Languages @ MMC - Collage of Migration


On Wednesday 28 October, the Year 10 students of Italian presented the annual Collage of Migration to our Years 7, 8 and 9 students. Amidst an atmosphere of cultural gratitude, the Year 10 students together with their teacher, Mrs Abarno, saw the fruition of weeks of research, interviews and preparation in the wonderful oral, aural and visual displays.

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English @ MMC - Poetry in Action


In Week 3, Mary MacKillop students were treated to two incredible live poetry performances by national troupe, Poetry in Action. With both presentations overflowing with poetry, drama, song and dance, it was pleasing to see students engaging in spontaneous learning whilst being entertained.

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From the Principal


Welcome to Term 4. We welcome back Claire MacLennan who has returned from Maternity Leave and Amanda Fairley who will be working in the Learning Centre as well as continuing with her classes from Term 3.

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From the Deputy Principal


Farewell to Year 12

What are young people really like today? It seems that all through history, the older generation have always had a certain opinion of the young. Take this quote, for example:

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From the Director of Curriculum


Term 4, Week 1 assembly was all about awards. One of the awards presented was the Principal’s Academic Excellence Award. These awards are presented to students who have achieved outstanding results in their Term 3 reports. To explore a little more about academic excellence, I googled the concept and found some interesting reflections from the University of California which you can share with your daughter.

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