Leadership Opportunities

The Student Leaders bring much life to the College as visible role models for other students, they promote harmony within the College community and maintain the charism of Mary MacKillop.

Senior Leadership

Year 11 students are invited to apply for these positions, are interviewed by the Principal, address the student body and are selected by vote or merit. The College Captains, Year 12 Prefects, Social Justice Captains, Arts Captains, Wellbeing Captains and Sports Captains make up the Senior Student Leadership Team of the College.

College Captains

Responsibilities include:

  • leading and supporting the College’s Student Leadership Team in the carrying out of its roles and mission in the College
  • liaising with staff and students in the coordination of whole school events such as JJAMM Week, and Year 12 specific activities such as the Year 12 Formal, Year 12 Retreat, etc
  • leading and/or speaking at formal College occasions
  • representing the College at community and Church events
  • attending student leadership forums and conferences including the National Josephite Student Leadership Gathering interstate (JJAMM) and the College Student Leadership Camp
  • liaising with student leaders from other Josephite schools in South Australia and interstate
  • writing articles for the College Newsletter and Blog.
  • presenting a written report for the College Yearbook.

Six Prefect Positions

Responsibilities include:

  • establishing a relationship with a year level
  • regular attendance at Senior Student Leadership Team meetings facilitated by the Deputy Principal and the Year 12 Pastoral Care Coordinator
  • assisting with the Senior Formal for Year 11 students
  • leading and addressing school assemblies
  • addressing staff meetings and school tour groups
  • attending leadership conferences
  • writing articles for the College Newsletter and Blog
  • assisting at College functions
  • organising fundraising activities.

Social Justice Captains

The Social Justice Captains promote the concept of social justice within and beyond the College community.

Responsibilities include:

  • having the ability to enthuse the school community in the area of social justice and to take a leading role in this area within the school
  • demonstrating creativity and energy in the area of student involvement in social justice projects and events
  • keeping the school body informed about social justice initiatives within the College via assemblies, the College Newsletter and Blog, and the daily bulletins
  • coordinating and/or assisting in the coordination of various social justice initiatives/projects/fundraisers within the school.

Arts Captains

The Arts Captains promote the participation and achievement in the Arts, both within the College and in the wider community.

Responsibilities include:      

  • encouraging student participation in the Arts, through leadership and involvement.
  • leadership roles facilitating major Arts events in the school such as Arts Night, Dance Showcase, Productions and Music Nights.
  • keeping the school community informed about Arts events via assemblies, the College Newsletter and the daily bulletins
  • coordinating and/or assisting in Arts initiatives /clubs / work shops within the school.

Sports Captains

Students are placed in one of four Houses when they begin at the College. The four College Houses – Tappeiner, Tenison, Flora and Alexander are led by a Senior Captain. 

Responsibilities include:

  • conducting House meetings for the Swimming and Athletics Carnivals
  • speaking at assemblies
  • writing reports for the College Newsletter and Blog
  • organising cheer squads for the Spirit Award
  • making formal and informal connections with all year levels.

Whole School Leadership Opportunities

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Each year level (Years 7 – 11) select two representatives by vote, to be part of this eight member Council. The SRC and the Senior Leadership Team are formally inducted at the St Joseph’s Day Mass in Term 1.

Responsibilities include:

  • regular attendance at meetings facilitated by two teachers
  • communicating with members of their class to present summaries of meetings and identifying issues of concern to be addressed at following meetings
  • communicating with the Senior Student Leadership Team and attending meetings as required
  • organising fundraising activities
  • organising and assisting at the SRC Social
  • presenting articles for the College Newsletter and Blog.

Peer Support Leadership Program

The Peer Support Program has been functioning successfully since 2003. The leadership selection process, a combination of self-nomination, student nomination and teacher nomination, occurs at the end of the Year 10 Peer Support Program, which is undertaken by all Year 10 students as part of their PLP (Personal Learning Plan).

The Year 11 Peer Support Leaders, meet regularly with Year 7 and 8 students throughout their first semester at the College. Leaders work with a teacher facilitator, however, it is their responsibility to plan the group activities and to debrief after each session.

The aim of the sessions conducted by Year 11 Peer Support Leaders is to promote positive relationships with and between Year 7 and 8 students in a supportive network. This is developed through structured fun activities which focus on improving communication skills, confidence and self-esteem.

Responsibilities include:

  • regular attendance at planning and debriefing sessions
  • conducting activities with Year 7 and 8 students as part of their Pastoral Care Program
  • sharing issues of concern about a student with their teacher facilitator
  • being a friend to students in their group in the school yard
  • assisting at school functions such as the College Open Day and other community functions.

St Vincent de Paul Society

This group meets to address the needy in our society under the inspiration of Mary MacKillop.  It consists of students across all year levels and is voluntary.

Responsibilities include:

  • raising funds and groceries, which are then donated to people in need
  • organising Christmas Hampers at the end of the year which are collected, sorted and then donated to families seeking assistance from Vinnies
  • knitting squares for blankets to be made up which is particularly helpful over a cold winter
  • raising awareness of poverty and need within our community
  • encouraging other students and staff to bring in a grocery item during JJAMM Week which is given to the Winter Food Appeal.

Our links with the St Vincent de Paul Society are a real and practical way for our students to be involved in community service.

Class Leadership

As members of a Pastoral Care Class, students are rostered as class leaders in the areas of morning prayer/reflection, assisting the Pastoral Care Teachers in class security and cleanliness.