Meet our Staff

Meet a selection of our dedicated staff who want nothing but the best for your daughter.

Mary MacKillop College_Principal_Kath McGuigan

Kath McGuigan

Mary MacKillop College Acting Deputy Principal Kate

Kate Kilpatrick

Acting Deputy Principal
Mary MacKillop College_Director of Teaching & Learning_Jasmin Eckert

Jasmin Eckert

Director of Teaching and Learning
Mary MacKillop College_Senior Years Coordinator_Jeanene Corbo

Jeanene Corbo

Senior Years Coordinator
Mary MacKillop College_Director of Business & Finance_Rosette de los Reyes

Rosette de los Reyes

Director of Business and Finance
Mary MacKillop College_Year 10 Pastoral Care Coordinator_Dimitra Thomas

Dimitra Thomas

Year 10 Pastoral Care Coordinator
Mary MacKillop College_Year 9 Pastoral Care Coordinator_Zoe Politis

Zoe Politis

Year 9 Pastoral Care Coordinator & Sports Coordinator
Mary MacKillop College_Year 8 Pastoral Care Coordinator_Ida Parente*

Ida Parente

Year 8 Pastoral Care Coordinator
Mary MacKillop College Year 8 PCC Mary

Mary Lepore

Acting Year 7 Pastoral Care Coordinator
Mary MacKillop College_Religious Education Coordinator_Adriana Sotira*

Adriana Sotira

Religious Education Coordinator
Mary MacKillop College_College Counsellor_Mary Superina

Mary Superina

College Counsellor
Mary MacKillop College_College Counsellor_Domenique Violi

Domenique Violi

College Counsellor