Meet our Staff

Meet a selection of our dedicated staff who want nothing but the best for your daughter.


Kath McGuigan


I was born in Glasgow, Scotland and being the eldest of six children I think I always wanted to be a teacher because I loved school. I loved reading and learning. My siblings might disagree and say it was because I was opinionated and bossy! My father loved numbers and finance and my mother loved drama and reading. I was lucky enough to inherit these loves from both of them. My parents were also great dancers; this gift was not passed on to me.

I attended Glasgow University and studied Physics and Mathematics. When I graduated I then attended Teacher’s College for Post Graduate Studies in Education. I taught in Glasgow for four years before immigrating with my husband and young son to Australia. We wanted a change in lifestyle and more sunshine. I then taught Mathematics at Santa Sabina College and John Paul 2 Senior High before moving to Adelaide in 1992.

In 1999 I was appointed Science Coordinator at Cardijn College and in 2004 was appointed Deputy Principal.  I was attracted to the position at the Catholic Education Office which assisted schools to implement the New SACE as it allowed me to visit all of the Catholic secondary schools in the state and work with school leadership teams and teachers.

In 2011 I began as Principal of Mary MacKillop College. I love being the Principal of a girls’ school. I like being able to think of the many ways that we can make the College a better place for students and staff.  School improvement and change management are two of my focus areas. In particular I love the history and tradition that comes with Mary MacKillop College; the ongoing ministries of the Sisters of St Joseph and the legacy of Mary MacKillop.

Louis de Jager.JPG

Louis de Jager

Deputy Principal

I was born in South Africa, in a small rural agricultural town called Douglas in the Northern Cape Province. I attended the same school from Year 1 through to Year 12.

I enjoyed History and Geography and my parents encouraged my brothers and I to read local and international newspapers to build my general knowledge. From a young age I knew I wanted to be a teacher.

After graduating from high school, I attended the University of the Orange Free State, majoring in History and Geography.

I began my practical teaching in a small country town in the Eastern Cape Province. It was a wonderful learning experience for me to start in a small school and gave me ample opportunity to practice my new teaching skills. My final teaching position, before departing for Australia, was at Northern Cape High School in Kimberley, the capital of the Northern Cape Province. Northern Cape High School was a dual medium school (which means that lessons are delivered in both the Afrikaans and English language), with 1200 students in Years 8-12.

In 2003 I immigrated to Australia and began teaching in Port Augusta. In 2004 I was appointed as Year 9 Year Level Coordinator at St John’s College in Whyalla.

After 4 years at St John’s I moved to Adelaide to teach at St Columba College. During my 12 years at St Columba I held the leadership positions of Year Level Coordinator for Year 11 and 12; Director of Student Wellbeing for the Senior School, before stepping into the position of Head of Senior School in 2014.  I began at Mary MacKillop College as Deputy Principal in Term 3 of 2020.

Just as the life of Saint Mary MacKillop inspires us, I too will endeavour to inspire our students to be local and global citizens and to develop their understanding that actions reflect the Gospel. Living the Gospel in everyday life means doing one’s best even in the ordinary events of the day. I passionately believe in the values of the Sisters of St Joseph, of love, justice, compassion, dignity, hospitality and stewardship, and look to uphold these daily with you all each day.


Lauren Sutton

Director of Students

Imagine a young child who just wants to know why and how something works, a child who loves trying and playing every sport and a child who could not sit still no matter how hard her parents tried. That was me. With a love for discovery, sport and an inability to remain still, becoming a Physical Education Teacher seemed like the perfect profession for me.

Having been teaching now for five years, nothing makes me smile more than seeing one of our students attempt and succeed in something she has been working towards. The sense of relief and pride on their face is incredible.

Equal to my passion and commitment for all things sport is my belief in girls’ education in the Catholic setting. Having been educated at Siena College, an all girls’ school, I was encouraged and challenged to be my best self. This has further strengthened my belief in girls’ education.

The experiences that I was lucky enough to have are what I want to bring to MacKillop. As Director of Students I am passionate about developing resilience in our girls so that they can continue to grow in confidence and self-belief, to speak the truth, take risks and contribute to the greater good of the community.


Rosette de los Reyes

Director of Business and Finance

For as long as I can remember, my motivation has always been to have a variety of experiences.  So it shouldn’t be a surprise that prior to coming to Mary MacKillop College, my education and professional work took me from Asia, to the United States, then to Australia.  I worked in audit, tax, business services, consulting and advertising, and along the way had some of the most unforgettable moments in my life. This included taking helicopter/twin-engine plane rides to reach clients, being in an open pit mine and feeling the earth shake when the dynamite exploded, actually seeing gold being smelted, and working in the Silicon Valley and meeting some of the most brilliant IT minds in the world.

Coming to the College was born out my desire to do something completely different from the Chartered Accountancy profession, although my two daughters will jokingly argue that was not the case.  Just like any young children, they felt a sense of pride if they could see me working in the Canteen.  So when this role came up they thought it was a nice substitute.

I am truly privileged to be part of the Mary MacKillop College community where everyone is warmly welcomed, valued, appreciated and supported.  I am given this opportunity to use my professional training, skills and varied experiences to manage and improve the resources of the College, for the provision of an enriching education for girls, the way St Mary of the Cross MacKillop envisioned it to be.


Kate Casciano

Year 7 Pastoral Care Coordinator

As an educator, my role goes far beyond teaching the curriculum. I believe students flourish when we focus our attention on their holistic development, taking into consideration their social, emotional, academic and spiritual development. This is particularly important during that Transition from Primary school to a Secondary setting. As Year 7 Pastoral Care Coordinator, it is my privilege to work closely with teachers, students and families during this important time of challenge and new opportunity. 

In my eight years of teaching in Catholic Education, I have developed a passion for teaching in the middle years. I believe it is through relevant and engaging learning experiences that young people develop a desire to be creative, resilient, lifelong learners. Our Josephite tradition encourages us to approach challenges and opportunities with confidence, energy and passion. I aim to draw out each student’s individual characteristics, enabling them to become active participants in the community.


Ida Parente

Year 8 Pastoral Care Coordinator (Class of 1984)

In my role as Year 8 Pastoral Care Coordinator I have the privilege of accompanying girls as they transition from the primary years to a high school setting. I delight in watching each girl accept new challenges, embrace new experiences and set out to achieve personal goals.

Throughout my 30 years in education, I have seen many changes for women in society and I am passionate about ensuring our girls are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and wisdom to live life as women of confidence. I take every opportunity to listen and work with the girls, providing opportunities for them to take on leadership roles so that they can build positive relationships with others in the school and wider community.

As a past student myself, I enjoy meeting other old scholars who visit the College, now as mothers, keen for their own daughters to have that same positive and nurturing experience at Mary MacKillop College that we did.

I have always been very passionate about engaging Year 8 students in their learning and self-development. It is in these years that the foundation is laid and a secure spring board is set for success in the years to come. I draw on the values of respect, hard work and integrity in my work with your daughters as I support them in their endeavours as learners, explorers and contributors in a world of opportunity.

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Jasmin Eckert

Year 9 Pastoral Care Coordinator

Before joining the Mary MacKillop community I worked at Caritas College Port Augusta, an R-12 Co-educational Catholic school, teaching in the Josephite tradition. I am excited to continue working in a Josephite environment where girls are empowered to learn and achieve, experiencing high-quality teaching and learning that will equip them with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to become thriving, capable learners. As a committed educational leader inspired by the Catholic faith, I hope to drive powerful learning opportunities and formation for all students. I believe in a holistic educational approach that provides a foundation for the full development of the person, including academic, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development.

I am privileged in my role as the Year 9 Pastoral Care Coordinator to work alongside families and staff, enabling each student to be a better person for a better world, challenging young people to find meaning and value in their lives. As the pastoral Care Coordinator I hope to ensure students are safe, happy and involved in their learning and able to perform to their full potential. I look forward to working with students, staff and families, as students embrace the challenge and the call to start transitioning into resilient, reliable and respectful young adults. 

Zoe Duffy.jpg

Zoe Duffy

Year 10 Pastoral Care Coordinator & Sports Coordinator

Sport played a crucial part of my childhood. Attending a Catholic girls’ school allowed me to experience the benefits of participation in sport as a teenage girl in a supportive environment with the emphasis placed on enjoyment. I absolutely loved being active, playing in teams with friends and the competitive nature of sports. Participation in a wide range of sports offered through the co-curricular sport program helped shape me into the person I am today and instilled a love of physical activity that continues to play a vital role in my life. When choosing a career, it felt natural to choose a path that provided students with sporting opportunities, promoted physical activity and encouraged participation to all. I feel extremely grateful to be working with MacKillop girls and sharing my enthusiasm for physical activity with the school community. I hope that through participating in the sporting life at the College students will find a sense of belonging, enjoyment and passion for physical activity that stays with them for life.


Jeanene Corbo

Year 11 Pastoral Care Coordinator

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a teacher. My first opportunity to teach was in a Josephite school, Caritas College in Port Augusta. While I was there, I got to know and love many of the Sisters of St Joseph and their caring ways. After a few years in the country, I returned to Adelaide and began teaching at Mt Carmel College, another school with a Josephite tradition. It was here that I discovered my passion for leadership in pastoral care. The extra care that I could share with students in a Pastoral Care Coordinator’s role became an integral part of my career.

I have continued my passion working with Sisters of St Joseph at Mary MacKillop College with continuing leadership roles in pastoral care. It is my strong belief that happy students learn well. I aim to build strong relationships between the girls and their teachers by providing a learning environment in which the girls feel valued and care for each other, and where our Catholic and Josephite ethos are in harmony with the culture of our College, shaping positive relationships within our community.


Martina O'Connell

Year 12 Pastoral Care Coordinator

Before joining the Mary Mackillop community I began my teaching career in Catholic Education in Ireland and the UK and then made the move across the water to Australia.  Throughout this time it was evident that one common thread makes a Catholic education special and that is that every person matters. The Josephite tradition encompasses this understanding beautifully.  In my role as a Pastoral Care Coordinator I hope to work in partnership with students, their families and their teachers to ensure that each student will have the opportunity to build positive relationships and will in turn strive to do their very best. I believe that if we can create a positive environment for our young women they will have a greater chance of success. I love being part of the student’s journey - guiding, encouraging each young woman to be the best they can be both academically and socially. It is truly something special to see each person reach success no matter what that may look like for them. I believe that it is our role to prepare our young women for life beyond the school setting, by building confidence and resilience and to develop an understanding of themselves and the world they live in.

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Rachel Scott

Head of Arts

Involvement in the Arts throughout my life has made a huge impact on who I am. Growing up my involvement in dance taught me about persistence, determination, team work and the power of expression. Working with others towards the common goal of performing to an audience created some of the most memorable and rewarding experiences in my life.  These experiences later led me to explore the possibilities of contemporary dance, studying at University, refining skills in technique and choreography. The endless possibilities of dance are a constant challenge and I enjoy reflecting on current themes and events with the students through choreography. After studying at University I enjoyed travelling; learning about different cultures and experiencing these cultures through dance.

As a teacher at Mary MacKillop College I’m extremely grateful to be able to share this knowledge and experience with the students.  I strongly believe in the value of the Arts in education and it’s important role in developing well- rounded critical and creative thinkers. I enjoy working with the students, encouraging them to question and respond to the world round them and hope that they will grow through their experience in the Arts at the College.

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Domenique Violi

College Counsellor

In my senior high school years I already knew I wanted to be a counsellor. I had an interest in supporting young people in a therapeutic way and I wanted to learn more about human behavior and how the mind worked. I obtained a Bachelor in Psychological Science and went on to complete a Masters of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Before joining Mary MacKillop College, I worked for 8 years as a school counsellor at another Catholic R-12 college where I gained a considerable amount of knowledge and experience working with young people in a school setting.

I am a highly motivated, gentle and empathic counsellor who primarily uses a person-centered approach which helps students feel safe and comfortable in the counselling room. This approach also empowers students to take ownership of their decisions and make positive change in their lives when needed. I also use a wide range of other counselling approaches to ensure the most appropriate technique is chosen to assist that particular student dependent on what they are receptive to and the particular issue they are experiencing. Where possible, I have always supported a community approach to supporting students in schools. Working as a team with school staff, families and external agencies will ensure the student feels supported in all areas of their life to help them get through their troubles by knowing they have various support options, which can provide the confidence they need to persevere and flourish.

Youth can be a highly vulnerable group who may face many challenges during their adolescence years. Thus, having the chance to play a vital role in supporting student of Mary MacKillop College improve their well-being and learning, and witness them overcome their difficulties, is both extremely rewarding and inspiring.


Mary Superina

College Counsellor

Throughout my secondary education, I was always fascinated by human behaviour and how the brain and mind worked. This interest led me to complete my qualifications in a Bachelor of Psychology, Post-graduate Bachelor of Social Work, and Grad. Cert in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Mental Health Sciences). My career in mental health began 16 years ago, during which time I have worked within the government, not-for-profit and private sector in a variety of roles that provided acute and community care, therapeutic interventions, and leadership positions. Throughout this time, I have collected knowledge, resources and a broad range of experience that I am able to draw upon when supporting the students of the college.

In my role as College Counsellor, I am privileged to support MacKillop girls through the many transitions of adolescence and secondary education. With the understanding that wellbeing and learning are intrinsically linked, I provide a collaborative and evidence based approach that aims to increase emotional wellness and resilience and help foster an environment where the MacKillop girls can flourish and pursue their dreams.