Year 7 in a secondary setting

Mary MacKillop College is ready now!

Time for change

Catholic Education South Australia has made a commitment to move Year 7 to the secondary setting. Mary MacKillop College will make the change in 2019.  Currently South Australia is the only state where Year 7s undertake their education in a primary setting.


Our girls deserve the very best educational opportunities that we can provide

At the heart of a Josephite Education is a commitment to every child and a focus on their educational, spiritual and emotional needs.

As a Catholic school founded in the tradition of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Mary MacKillop College welcomes students of all abilities and potential. We welcome students from Catholic families and those of other faith traditions. The College is conscious of Australia's multi-cultural society and celebrates the diversity of the cultural and socio-economic backgrounds of our students.

A Year 7 education designed for girls

  • Specialist teachers and specialised facilities with a focus on how girls learn best. 
  • Our girls thrive in an affirming environment that encourages leadership and supports their developing social and emotional needs.
  • MacKillop Girls become skilful, knowledgeable and active learners. 

A welcome to MacKillop girls

Our current MacKillop girls look forward to welcoming Year 7 MacKillop girls. Watch this video developed by our Student Leaders to welcome your daughter to the College.

We warmly invite you to visit our College