Learning Technologies

Mary MacKillop College embraces the latest technology within the classroom to provide innovative ways that enhance the learning and engagement of our students.

Year 8 iPad Program

All Year 8 students are given an iPad as they commence their studies at the College. The iPad gives students the tools and resources necessary to truly engage in their learning and remains with them throughout their entire education at the College.

Teaching and learning has changed dramatically in the 21st Century. Students are surrounded by information and the provision of an iPad gives them the tools and resources necessary to truly engage in their learning. Students use personal mobile devices every day for communication, creation and collaboration. Our goal in providing the iPad to our Year 8 students is to continue to promote excellence in education by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, creativity, communication and mobile learning. Providing these opportunities at school not only engages students, but also allows them to understand how to use these devices effectively and understand the impact of their digital footprint.

Effective teaching and learning, along with the use of the iPad across the curriculum, allows students to access their learning “anytime and anywhere” and develop a range of skills that research has indicated are critical for future global citizens. The ability to collaborate, work in a team, problem solve, learn, unlearn and relearn, and create new solutions to old problems are all essential 21st Century skills that are enhanced by the integration of technology across the curriculum.

iPads are easy to use, light and have a long battery life. They are an intuitive device and minimal technical support is needed for their continued use. iPads allow students to choose the best product to demonstrate their learning, thereby accommodating a variety of learning styles. Students have immediate access for referencing and researching while the use of e-books not only reduces the need to carry many textbooks, but also enhances the reading experience as students can annotate, share, highlight and comment, all on their readings. The personal ownership of the iPad allows our students to truly customise their learning experience.

To view the iPad Program Information Booklet please click on the link below.

Download the 2017 iPad Student Parent Information Booklet.