The Mary MacKillop College Music Department works out of an exciting, vibrant, practical and realistic vision to assist students to articulate a variety of career pathways.

The classroom curriculum is complemented by an extensive Instrumental and Co-Curricular Program which provides performance opportunities.

The Sister Colleen Roberts Music Centre offers state-of-the-art facilities in music recording and production, promoting student excellence in the areas of performance and music technology.

The College offers a Specialist Music class at Year 8 entry to cater for students with a musical background and experience. The specialist program offers extension pathways for gifted and talented students through Year 9, Year 10, Stage 1 Music Advanced (Year 11) and multiple selections from Stage 2 Music (Year 12).

To balance this, the Music Program offers many opportunities for students to commence their musical learning experience at any stage and at any level. Participation and demonstrating courage in having a go are celebrated - a musical journey takes time but it has to start somewhere.

Each year the Annual Music Night takes place in Term 3 and students perform in a variety of other College and community events throughout the year.

Music Ensembles

The College has a variety of music ensembles to extend the learning outside of the timetabled curriculum. In addition to class bands in the Year 8–12 curriculum, the main co-curricular music ensembles are:

  • Bella Diva – a whole school vocal ensemble open to all ages and all levels performing popular music
  • Italcanti – an Italian vocal ensemble performing Italian traditional and popular music
  • Just Jazz – a specialist jazz vocal ensemble where entry is via audition during Term 3 each year
  • Big Band – formed through the Year 8 Big Band Program, this group performs jazz, blues, rock and funk: open to all with experience on saxophone, trombone, trumpet, piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussion and solo vocals.

The main ensembles form the core of the Music Program with future developments planned in the areas of establishing a Concert Band, String Ensemble, Woodwind and Brass Ensemble, along with smaller Jazz Combos.  The co-curricular music ensembles are an excellent avenue to extend students’ musical skills and to develop confidence, friendships and discipline in the pursuit of excellence. Many of the skills gained in Music can be readily transferred to help improve outcomes in other subject areas.

Instrumental Program

All students have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, including vocal tuition at Mary MacKillop College and students can choose to have lessons separately or in partnership with the Music curriculum.  Students who have undertaken instrumental or vocal lessons for a length of time can enter the Music curriculum at any stage, either in the Music Experience or Music Specialist pathways according to their skill level.

The instrumental and vocal teachers at Mary MacKillop College are highly skilled and professional performers in their own right and endeavour to pass on their breadth of experience and expertise to their students.

Lessons are available for the following instruments:

  • Modern Voice
  • Classical and Modern Piano
  • Violin
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Alto Saxophone
  • Tenor Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drum-Kit


Private tutors provide instruction on the chosen instrument or voice and the tutors set their own rate according to their level of experience or competence. The actual rate charged will be given when first contact is made with the provider and students can expect approximately nine lessons a term except for the shortened Term 4.

Tutors would normally charge an award rate for private tuition but families will have the opportunity to withdraw if the amount cannot be agreed upon. Group or shared lessons can reduce the cost and this should be indicated on the application form if applicable.

All lessons are paid in advanced at the start of the term and the billing invoices are arranged privately between the teacher and the family. Further details regarding tuition are included in the Instrumental Tuition Form link below.


Instrument Hire

Students should have access to an instrument at home. Instruments can be bought or hired. Please indicate if information regarding hire or help with purchase is required on the application form.


How to apply for Instrumental Tuition
Students apply for tuition by completing the Instrumental Tuition Form found in the link below and then contact details are exchanged for the enrolment to commence. An individual timetable is issued with a rotating tuition time on the day the tutor is available. The lesson is recorded in SEQTA so that the College staff are informed of the absence if it is during a school lesson time. Students are obliged to catch up any school work missed while Year 12 students have tuition in their breaks and not during lesson.

If your daughter is interested in learning an instrument please return the Instrumental Tuition Form below to the Music Office.

Download the 2018 Instrumental Tuition Form.

Speak with our Head of Music

To speak further about music programs within the College, please speak with Mr Gavin Hughes, Head of Music.