Year 11 Excursion: RAA Street Smart High


“You can choose the risks, but you don’t get to decide the consequences.”

As young learner drivers, the Year 11 cohort attended the annual RAA Street Smart High presentation on Tuesday 2 April, 2019 at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Focusing upon driver education and road safety, the 42 metropolitan and country high schools in attendance received a very sobering message about road responsibility and the value of life. By demonstrating the reality of road trauma, educating students about driving and passenger risks, and encouraging the avoidance of situations that placed them and others in danger, the presentation provided learner drivers with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle safely.

From real-life crash simulations, to presentations by SA Police, SA Fire Services and SA Ambulance, it was the words of medical professionals on the front line, such as Dr Bill Griggs (RAH Trauma Specialist) and Dr Stewart Moodle (State Medical Director, Donate Life SA), that drove home the reality of driver inattentiveness, recklessness and egoism and its repercussions. The emotional narratives of crash survivors (Eli Murn, Sean Rowe, Jonathon Beninca and Holly Scott), family members (Kelly Golding and Michael Holbrook) and the testament of Phillip Wright, all brought a human face to the raw trauma endured in road accidents as well as all the subsequent emotional, physical and psychological complexities.

A sincere thank you to the Year 11 cohort who were exemplary on the day and to the supervising teachers, Mr Iannace, Miss Marks, Miss Campbell-Wilson and Mrs Abarno.

RAA Street Smart High is an important educational experience which seeks to save the lives of those whom we hold dear and this is why Mary MacKillop College attends each year.


Mini Del Corso
Acting Year 11 Co-ordinator