St Capitanio Integration


This March, our St Capitanio Sisters came to visit us at Mary MacKillop College. The St Capitanio sisters have spent some time with our Year 10 students. The girls have been learning about each other and sharing stories about what life is like for a young girl growing up in Japan and/or in Australia.

The St Capitanio students have enjoyed spending time in a variety of lessons with their MMC buddies. They have had a fine dining 'bush tucker' experience with Mr Matthew Gilliland, an Australian art lesson with Ms Romina Penna, learned how to play cricket with Ms Lauren Sutton and learnt the College song, ‘Mary’s Vision’ with Miss Elicia Baldwin. They have also enjoyed some excursions to Port Noarlunga to experience kayaking and to Kingpin Bowling to test their skills on an afternoon out exploring Norwood. The St Capitanio students have also worked on some presentations on a variety of topics such as water usage and life for teenagers in Japan. They then presented these to the Year 10 Geography class. We thank you the St Capitanio students for spending some time with us and we wish them a safe return to Japan.


Martina O'Connell
Year 10 Pastoral Care Coordinator