Art @ MMC


Art Excursion to the 2019 SACE Art Show and the Art Gallery of South Australia

On Friday 29 March the SACE Stage 1 and 2 Art and Design students had a day experiencing Art in Adelaide. We first visited the 2019 SACE Art Show, which displays the 2018 Stage 2 Art and Design work. The most imaginative and innovative practical works completed by Year 12 students in South Australia are showcased and MacKillop students were inspired by art and design in a variety of media ranging from installation, paintings, digital art and sculpture. They researched folios and practical pieces, gained an understanding of the importance of development and idea generation when producing major pieces of artwork.

After the SACE Art Show, we made our way to the Art Gallery of South Australia. We were fortunate to see the Ben Quilty Exhibition. Powerful images were on display and reflected Quilty’s life and the impact of Afghanistan and the refugee crisis. He discusses his work as showing compassion, empathy, as well as anger and resistance. It was a beautiful and thought provoking exhibition.

Students also toured the Art Gallery with a focus on portraits, sculpture and furniture design. We also enjoyed the installation work of Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota, where we walked into a room filled with red thread, representing the artist’s personal experiences, emotions and memories.


Other Art News:

This term, we welcomed Rachel Scott and Kate Fallon to the Art Department who are working with Year 7 and 8 Art students. They continue to bring new ideas and a creative flair to the Arts.

The Year 8 students have just completed their ‘Crazy Creatures’ in clay. A fantastic display of creatures including frogs, spiders and sloths!

Year 9 students have begun their work on landscape painting. With research into aerial perspective, students have developed an understanding of atmospheric light and its impact on photographic and painted images.

The Year 10 Art students have begun a cross-curricular project looking at Art and Science. Students have chosen a theme to discover under the microscope. We have been working with our Lab Assistant, Sharon, who has assisted with photographing and saving images under the microscope. Once images have been magnified, students will then design the layout on a canvas and paint the image. Miniature life on a grand scale! We look forward to seeing these pieces unfold.

Wishing you all a safe holiday and a Happy Easter.


Linda Di Blasio and Romina Penna
Art and Design Teachers