From the Principal


This is the final newsletter for Term 1. There are a few tired students and staff looking forward to the break and the Easter Celebrations. Our Year 12 students are a third of the way through their studies.

There are some staff leaving us at the end of this term.

Alex Campbell Wilson has been with us for three terms and I know that the students will be sad to see her go. Anna Beinke and Teagan Schmidt will also finish their contracts at the end of this term. I am grateful for the contribution that all of these teachers have made to our community.

In Term 2 we welcome back Julia Marciano, Jeanene Corbo and Miescha Archibald.

In the last few weeks I have attended a number of conferences and events where the OECD Report “The Future of Education and Skills: Education 2030” has been dissected and discussed. While knowledge and skills are important, what students are able to do with the knowledge and skills is more important. Our students must be lifelong learners. We are faced with a number of challenges: environmental, economic and social. These challenges need to be solved collectively and not in competition with each other. As I type this article on a desktop computer, I am aware that when I started school there were no computers to be seen. My two year old granddaughter is surrounded by smartphones, iPads and smart TVs. So when she comes around for a visit I make sure that there are other activities for her to enjoy such as watering the garden plants, drawing, playing with blocks and wearing her granny’s jewellery.

As usual I have a few books that I want to read over the break and as usual it is an eclectic mix. I have just started to read Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari but no doubt Spot goes to the Zoo with the important lift the flap interactions will be one that is also high on the list when a certain person comes for a visit.

I hope that everyone enjoys the break and is able to reflect and act on the Easter message of hope and renewal.


Kath McGuigan