Peer Support @ MMC


The Peer Support program is a long established tradition at Mary MacKillop College and it provides students with opportunities for leadership, personal development and social consciousness. By fostering healthy relationships, positive environments for growth and opportunities to step beyond their comfort zone, Year 11 students in the Peer Support program are definitely “stepping up.”

During the Year 7 and 8 Induction Day, Peer Support Leaders took an active role in assisting the College’s youngest and newest students to acclimatise to their new routines and environment. They ran activity sessions and assisted teachers to ensure all students were content and not overwhelmed.

To maintain their visible presence as peers, and to support junior students, the Peer Support Leaders nominated days to visit their respective peer classes and undertake a variety of activities with the students in Years 7 & 8. From promoting inspiration, to team building, to simply interacting in a respectful and relaxed manner, positive connection with the younger students is their goal.

One highlight of the program in the past weeks was the selection of eight students to attend the junior camps held in Week 4. Four leaders attended the Year 7 at Wallaroo camp while another four attended the Year 8 camp at Wellington. The experience of leadership taught the girls much about organisation, collaboration, time management and finances. Most importantly, however, it taught the girls about the importance of connectedness, resilience, optimism, persistence and the necessity to be self-assured.

We congratulate the Peer Support Leaders on their enthusiasm and commitment to the role. They have truly led by example. We wait in anticipation to see where Term 2 will lead them and their “peer-ettes”.


Mini Del Corso
Acting Year 11 Pastoral Care Coordinator