From the Deputy Principal


Thank you to all students who supported our Open Day on Sunday. We had over 80 girls participate in leading tours, hosting learning areas, performing and playing sport. Each student did so with confidence, courtesy and courage. Leadership finds its way to MacKillop girls because of their commitment to being involved and serving others. In the past few weeks the SRC students for 2019 have been elected and Wellbeing Ambassador applications are underway. However, I think the leadership shown by the girls at events like Open Day is just as important as the leadership positions that come with a badge. The best type of leadership is that which can be seen by what we do rather than what we say we will do. I thank all students for their commitment to leading the College.

Last week, all students heard from Melinda Tankard Reist. Melinda is a leading researcher and presenter on the sexualisation of girls and women. Her workshops are confronting, honest and empowering. If you have not had the chance to talk to your daughter about her presentation, I encourage you to do so. I encourage parents to take some time with her websites to hear more of her work. We will have Melinda return to the College in the future.

Here are links to Melinda's websites:

Next week, we will have our Athletics Carnival, which means students depart the College on private buses to travel to Athletics SA Stadium at Mile End. It is a fabulous day for students as they participate in events, get dressed in their team colours and cheer on their classmates. Parents are welcome to join us on the day.

I ask parents to consider the collection of their daughter’s from school. As you are aware High Street becomes very busy, it is narrow and has limited parking spaces. We ask you to consider finding parks in other streets; the girls are easily able to walk a little way for the sake of safety. An alternative is to wait a little longer and collect your daughter after the initial rush of departure. I thank you for your consideration in this matter.  

The student free day this Friday means an extra long weekend and a day for the Year 11 and 12 students to prepare for their Formal to be held on Friday night. We trust all families enjoy this extra day together. It is an opportunity to take a breath, slow down and enjoy the good company of your daughters. Similarly, Lent began this week with our Ash Wednesday Liturgy. Lent is the liturgical time of the year that gives us the time to catch our spiritual breath, to breathe in the breath of God and seek the wisdom of the Gospel as we reflect on our lives. As I write today, I am astutely aware of the sudden death of Monsignor Denis Edwards. Denis has provided the church of Adelaide with spiritual, theological and environmental guidance for many years. He has guided us to understand the Gospels in a way that inspires us to care for each other and the planet earth. Fr Philip Marshall expressed the impact of Monsignor Denis in this way; “We have been blessed by his wisdom, his faith, his love and his presence among us”. May he rest in peace.


Helen Steele
Deputy Principal