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Art @ MMC


We welcome Year 7s to Art this year as they enjoy working in the environment of specialised art rooms. They have been busy learning about elements of art, in particular line and texture. Their first task was to create a collaborative piece, incorporating these elements into a tricycle. Each student has created a small piece of the bike and on Open Day we were able to see this imaginative puzzle put together.

Year 8 Art students are creating ‘crazy creature’ clay pieces and learning about the skills involved in pinch pots and hand building with clay.

Year 9 Art students have been working on one and two-point perspective and have created mazes in two-point perspective.

Year 10 Design students have been learning about graphic design and magazine layout, as well as fashion design, including garments and shoes. ‘Women in Art’ has been the focus for Year 10 Art students this term. Students chose a female artist and researched the history, style, meaning and symbolism of their lives and their work. From this, students developed a folio of work in the style of that artist. This work was then created on a ‘paper doll’ that represented each female artist. On the back of each doll, an inspiring quote from the artist was placed. These dolls were placed in rows, holding hands, where we have been able to explore the unity of Women in Art in a creative, moving installation.

The SACE Stage 1 Art and Design students have been working on their visual studies, and have researched public architecture and sculpture. Design students have investigated architectural work and architects from around the world. The Art students have designed abstract sculptures for the city of Adelaide. Stage 2 Art Students are also very busy working on their visual studies. These research topics are subjects of their choice studying artworks, artists and techniques.

What a creative start to the year!


Linda Di Blasio & Romina Penna
Art Teachers