From the Deputy Principal


The school year has quickly come to a close and we find ourselves giving thanks as we remember a year of learning, discovery, joy and success. MacKillop girls have had many opportunities to involve themselves in a rich school life experience.

As the younger girls said goodbye yesterday, I noticed a new level of maturity in amongst the excitement of the awaiting holidays. I watched them thank their teachers and wish them a ‘Merry Christmas!’ as they made their way out of the College and into their holiday break. There was a great sense of appreciation, respect and gratitude. I spoke with one staff member who said that during the End of Year Mass she had an overwhelming feeling of love for her work and had a strong sense of being “exactly where I am meant to be” - how fortunate are our girls to have such wonderfully committed and passionate teachers.   

The End of Year Mass and Awards ceremony is an opportunity to showcase achievements and celebrate success. The photo gallery gives you a sense of all that we acknowledged on the night.  We thank our many friends and old scholars who provide awards on this night, your presence, support and donations is greatly appreciated. 

I take this opportunity to thank all staff, students and families for their commitment to Mary MacKillop College in 2018. We are a school community that continues to be inspired by Mary’s vision, a school for all so all can learn, grow and become God so truly hopes for us. May the joy of Christmas find its way into your homes and may the New Year bring peace, hope and love.


Helen Steele
Deputy Principal