From the Principal


We have a great deal to celebrate this year.

Our theme for the year was ‘Find happiness in making others happy’, which is attributed to Mary MacKillop in 1899. This was Mary inspiring us all to help others and in that way - we will find true happiness. A life of service to Mary was a meaningful and purposeful life. Every school has its own story, one that tells of its history, its culture and its reason for being. Our story begins with the Sisters of St Joseph and continues with the Sisters of St Joseph. We are grateful for their continued support. They are a source of inspiration and encouragement.

At the End of Year Mass on Tuesday Evening Fr Stan prompted us to think that instead of asking “What will make me happy” to change this to “What am I thankful for?” This certainly changes your focus and helps us to appreciate what we have.

We began the year excited to see our new Pastoral Care Coordinator Offices and next year we will continue with the refurbishment of the Digital Tech Hub. As a small school we don’t have millions of dollars to spend on fancy new buildings. However, we are committed to the continual refurbishment of our learning and workspaces and a focus on quality teaching and learning.

Next year, of course, we add Year 7s to our school community. We are looking forward to their energy and enthusiasm. We have been preparing and planning and are excited for the new addition to the MacKillop family.

I wish to acknowledge and thank Catherine Brodie as Co–Chair of the P&F. Catherine has made a significant contribution to College events over the last 5 years, attending P&F meetings, cooking BBQs and serving the community.

At the end of this year we farewell five members of staff – two teachers in particular have given many years of service to the College.

Alicia Fitton has been with us for three terms and has worked in our Dance and Home Economics departments. Alicia has seamlessly become part of our school community. We wish Alicia all the best as she gets married in the New Year and starts a new position at Tatachilla Lutheran College in McLaren Vale.

I thank Victoria Coxhill for her contribution to the College through Music and Drama. Victoria is also a proud indigenous woman and she has been generous in sharing her culture and story with the Mary MacKillop College community. We hope that Victoria will be able to continue a connection with Mary MacKillop through ensemble work.

Kathy Ayliffe is moving to Westminster School. We thank Kathy for her contribution. No longer will Kathy have to dodge the trucks on Portrush Road as she cycles to school. Kathy has been a regular part of any staff event at Feast day. We wish Kathy every blessing at her new school and hope that she keeps in touch.

We say farewell to Barbara Morrish and that wonderful American accent. Barbara has made a significant contribution to Mary MacKillop College over 23 years. She has been Mathematics Coordinator, Year 12 Pastoral Care Coordinator and a Pastoral Care Teacher to different year levels. As well as a teacher of mathematics, Barbara has shown that she continues to take on new challenges by teaching the Personal Learning Plan. Barbra has a very creative side – making an advent wreath from many of the ribbons worn throughout the school year. Barbara has helped with Liturgies and Feast Day events.  Barbara, we wish you well, we hope that you enjoy your retirement, find new creative opportunities and that you stay in touch.

Rosemary Bray has been at Mary Mackillop College for 36 years. She did take some time off to have her children. She has taught Biology, Science and Mathematics. Rosemary is looking forward to no more marking, however, she still enjoys teaching and wants to come back and do relief teaching at the College. Rosemary is a highly organised and committed teacher. Her students know that she is focussed, meticulous and can be guaranteed to get her marking back on time.

I thank everyone for all the help and support throughout the year. I leave you with the words of Pope Francis “Christmas is Joy, religious joy, an inner joy of light and peace. “ We look forward to 2019 and all that it will bring. I wish you a peaceful and Holy Christmas.


Kath McGuigan