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SAETA Spring Poetry Launch

On Saturday 27 October, the South Australian English Teachers Association launched the 2018 Spring Poetry Anthology at Pulteney Grammar School. Students, teachers, parents and friends were delighted at the calibre of the poems selected for publication and were impressed by some of their recitations at the launch. Of 700 entries submitted across South Australia, from 50 primary and secondary schools across all three educational sectors, six MacKillop students were amongst those selected for publication in the 2018 anthology. We again congratulate Year 9 students – Amelia, Tess, and Ella; Year 10 student - Daniela and Year 11 students - Giulia and Kaylie on their poems. 

Many of the guest judges spoke of their love of poetry and the need to see the world and its people from the perspectives of another. They expressed their gratitude to English teachers for keeping the beauty of poetry alive and ensuring its longevity in a world that needs the power of words more than ever. Whether the poems written focused upon environmental issues, humanitarian crises, love, death or simply images and experiences of beauty, all the adjudicators agree that our young peoples’ words are unique, important and necessary. As a College we embrace opportunity to showcase our students’ unique talents and rejoice in their achievements.

As social activist Malala wrote,

“One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.”

May our MacKillop girls continue to change the world and its people, one word at a time.

Year 9
Feathers to Fins
By Amelia

A flutter of feathers,
And down flies the hawk.
The flash of fins
A splash and a squawk,

With precision, courage
And a strategic thought
One gentle swoop
And the fish was caught

It wriggled and writhed,
The hawk held on tight
Floundering, flailing, frightful
They took off in flight

Miles above the crashing waves
Sweltering heat from the sun’s rays
Bright light blinding
And the world blurs into a dusky haze

Just as hope was lost
And the wind begins to blow
A slip of the beak
And the fish was let go

A flutter of feathers,
The flash of fins
A splash and a squawk,
And his voyage begins

Year 9

By Tess

You may judge me by the colour of my skin,
The hurtful words, I take on the chin.

Age is a number and should not be a label,
It will not limit me, I am able,

You may exclude me for what I wear on my head,
That’s what I think about as I lie in bed,

I am not defined by the way I dress,
And it might stand out, be different from the rest,

But no matter what my age, gender or race,
Equality is important, and everyone has a place.

Year 9
Suddenly Spring

By Ella

Before I knew it, the time had come
A creation of life and times of fun
The colours, sights and smells it would bring.
Before I knew, it was suddenly spring!

Greens and yellows that colour the trees
The sweet, crisp and balmy breeze
Have you ever grasped such a wonderful thing?
It made me realise, it was suddenly spring.

The caterpillars crawling creating cocoons.
Under the light of the shiny, full moon.
Butterflies born blooming beautiful wings,
Those creatures will tell you that it’s suddenly spring!

Dandelions were blooming, lilacs too.
Fresh fruit flooded gardens, quite the few.
As gracious as the princess owned by the king;
These are the treats of the sudden spring!

This time will end; nearing transition
Summer to follow, granted permission.
Time will surpass, the bells will ring
And before we knew, it was suddenly spring!

Year 10
By Daniela

It’s the hours when I’m
Surrounded by midnight,
The darkness gripping onto me.
And I’m having drowsy midnight
conversations with the stars
Yet so little words.
Feeling the crisp, cold air
Against my skin.
Midnight shadows,
Hiding all my secrets.
The moon,
It’s light where I find hope.
The moonlight,
which I hold in my hands
Like a diamond in the darkness.
The stars,
Glistening in a perfect path
Which guide me to the
edge of the universe.
I take your hand,
Your gentle grip pulling me
Towards the stars
Towards the moon.
If I’m dreaming
please, please
don’t wake me up.
And then time lost it’s way.
And it’s just another night
And daylight is so close.
I should have told you not to go.

Year 11
By Giulia

Joyous, joyous dancing
In the golden sand
With no such thing as worry
On our sacred land

Forgetting about our hunger
And our non-existent roof
Only when we danced
Did we feel bulletproof

We didn’t have much clothing
And we didn’t have much food
But we had our spirit
And our fortitude

The rhythm that our stomping made
Our transitions into formation
Sometimes managed to make me forget
About our broken nation

The days go on too long
For me to try and pretend
That everything will be okay
In the very end

My mother tries to feed us
My father does his best
To make sure that we’re happy
And that we’ve had our rest

We dance and clap to free ourselves
From all the pain we feel
We try to go to sleep at night
To get our wounds to heal

Thoughts about the future
Do nothing but cause stress
Because every day that I’m alive
I consider myself blessed.

Year 11
In memory of Eurydice Dixon

By Kaylie

It’ll never happen to me.
It’ll never happen to my sister, my mother, my friends.
We’re careful.

We don’t show too much skin.
We don’t laugh too loudly.
We don’t dance outrageously.
We carry our phone.
We keep to ourselves.
We don’t make eye contact.
We’re responsible.
We’re aware.

But wait,
What about them
The abusers, the predators, the murderers
Where are their rules?

ICAS English 2018

Students from Years 8 – 12 were invited to participate in the 2018 ICAS English competition late in Semester 1. Conducted by UNSW Global, the competition challenges students to undertake a range of reading activities in which they demonstrate their analytical, inferencing and interpretational skills.

We congratulate all students who volunteered and participated in the challenge and acknowledge the following Distinction and Credit recipients.

Year 10 – Emily

Year 9 – Jana
Year 11 – Brooke and Carla


Mini Del Corso
English Leader of Learning