From the Principal


One of the books that I try to read on a daily basis is Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday. It draws on the wisdom of early philosophers like Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Plato.

“Philosophy attracts introverts. The study of human nature can make you aware of other people’s faults and can breed contempt for others. So do struggle and difficulty – they isolate us from the world”.

“But none of that changes that we are, as Aristotle put it, social animals. We need each other. We must be there for each other. We must take care of each other (and to allow others to care for us in return). To pretend otherwise is to violate our nature, to be more or less than what it means to be a human being”.

Throughout the book, there are many references to Bible scripture.

“Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you”.

The Apostle Paul may have been thinking of this when he said, “With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love”.

Mary MacKillop (1909) reminded us to “Love one another and bear with one another and let love guide you in all your life".

As the end of the school year and Christmas approaches, life can seem so frantic and we can forget to be patient and kind. We can also forget to forgive those who may forget to be kind to us. We must try to be mindful of our own frailties as well as others.

It was a pleasure to meet our 2019 Year 7 and 8 parents and students at the Parent Information Evenings held last week. Our Transition Days are fast approaching and I know that we have many excited new students looking forward to a different school setting. Change always signifies growth in some way. Not only will our students experience this, but our parents will too. We educators, as we welcome the 2019 Year 7 and 8 students into our College community, will notice both change and growth.

A highlight on the College calendar was our Collage of Migration, which was celebrated with Rostrevor College. I draw your attention to Mary Lepore's newsletter article here.


Kath McGuigan