Year 9 Science Excursion - Robogals


In Week 10 of Term 3, a small group of 20 enthusiastic Year 9 students ventured into the world of engineering as they participated in a program called Robogals.

Robogals is a world-wide student run organisation that aims to encourage the participation of girls in fields of engineering, science and technology by offering them opportunities to participate in interactive and educational activities which explore different aspects of an engineer’s work.

The session started with an overview of engineering – what it is, the different fields of engineering and how engineering is of benefit to society.

As a group, we were taught some coding that then allowed us to control the movements and actions of our very own robot.

We were then broken up into small groups and were given time to learn to control our very own robot so that it moved within a particular area of space. We also learnt to instruct it to change direction when coming into close proximity of another robot or object.

Our final activity involved a competition between each group’s robots. Each robot was fitted with a wooden skewer and a balloon. To win the competition, our robot had to either knock another group’s robot out of an allocated area or pierce the robot’s balloon.

Overall, the Robogals program was a fun and educational experience as it allowed us to learn more about different aspects of engineering and increased our awareness of the important role of information technology in engineering, particularly in the field of robotics.


Year 9 Student