From the Wellbeing Ambassadors


Thanks so much for your support throughout Academic August. Throughout the month, we raised $250 to help find a cure for Brain Cancer.


We talk a lot about the CROPS values- a MacKillop girl is connected, resilient, optimistic, persistent and self-assured. These values can contribute to being a happier person all round throughout life. During these holidays, we remind you to take care of your mental health and keep these values in mind. To help you, Pia will share some tips for your wellbeing throughout the holidays.

Firstly connect. Connect with nature by spending time outside, opening your windows to let the sunshine in or eating outdoors.

Connect with people you know by meeting up with them face to face.

Connect with the community and world by reading the newspaper or watching the news to find out what is going on in your area, Australia and the world.

Secondly, give as this month’s, monthly mantra, spontaneous acts of kindness September suggests. Smile to a stranger, compliment someone, donate old toys or clothes to someone who needs them, babysit and help your family when they ask you to do something.

Thirdly keep learning, as they say you learn something new every day so make sure you learn. You can read about something, visit a new place or learn a skill.

Fourthly, take some time to relax by doing what you want and not be pressured by things you have to do.

Lastly do not relax all day, remember to be active. Simply go the park with younger siblings or cousins, play some sport or go for a walk with friends instead of meeting for food.

Thank you for your time and enjoy your holidays.


Jana, Pia, Kiara, Emily, Fiona, Aditi, Alyssa and Abigail
Wellbeing Ambassadors