Year 8 & 9 Drama Excursion - "Amphibian"


On Monday 10 September the Year 8 and 9 Drama classes set out to the Adelaide Festival Centre to see a brand new play presented by Windmill Theatre Company called “Amphibian.” The play was performed in the Space Theatre and aimed at middle-school aged children. The students had a great time and were able to gain an insight into professional theatre by watching a Q&A with the actors and director after the performance.


The Year 9 students wrote theatre reviews based on their experience of the performance. Below are a few excerpts:


“Despite the serious subject matter, it starts a conversation for high school students whilst remaining humorous. Hassan has fled Afghanistan as an unaccompanied minor, and through a collection of memories, the audience relives his dangerous journey to Australia with him. Meg Wilson skilfully designed the set of the play using realistic and enchanting imagery. The audience is captivated by the contrast between a busy school yard, and an emotive interrogation room.” - Kiara

“Antony Maklouf portrays the character of Hassan to a point. He really gets into the scenes of Hassan travelling to Australia and makes the audience feel a wave of emotions. Maiah [Stewardson] executed her multiple characters very well as she managed to change her body language, tone of voice and attitude as she transformed from character to character.” - Emily B

“The play’s use of Farsi (the language spoken in Afghanistan) in the form of voiceover was daring yet spectacular. It added both depth and realism to the play without the struggle of finding a Farsi speaking stage actor. Having the teacher Mrs Damascus, voiced by Jacqy Phillips, as a voiceover was a great idea as it simulated thinking, forcing the audience to imagine her appearance, before the heavy themes were introduced.” - Jana

“The director Sasha Zahra and writer Duncan Graham talked to real life refugees to learn their stories and have used that to capture what the journey is really like moving from your home to a new place. Special lighting effects was creatively used to dictate different emotions in scenes. This play would be for those who are willing to learn what life is like for a person who is far away from home.” - Emily


Victoria Coxhill
Year 8 and 9 Drama Teacher