Year 9 Geography Excursion - Adelaide Zoo


Last Friday, two of the Year 9 classes went on a roaring adventure to the Adelaide Zoo to learn about Australia’s endangered species, biomes, food security and the unique eco-systems many animals use for survival. There were various opportunities that we could get involved in, including a photo competition and a booklet to expand our knowledge on the zoo inhabitants.

Divided into groups, we explored different parts of the zoo and were able to read about the background information on each animal and what factors were contributing to their critically endangered state. Whilst doing this, many girls were clicking away on their cameras eager to impress Ms. O’Toole with their striking animal snapshots. It was a beautiful day with perfect weather and the animals were out and about. We even got to engage in an astounding parrot show, featuring a blue and yellow macaw, a rainbow lorikeet and a majestic grey owl. The flying creatures were extremely interactive and did many impressive tricks for the crowd.

We enjoyed seeing the diverse range of animals and some of our favourites were the southern cassowary, meerkats, wombats and the mighty hippopotamus.

Overall, our zoo experience was one we will never forget because we bonded and worked as a cohort, learnt new information about Australia’s native fauna and discovered ways we can help the environment/animals which are critically endangered. We have learnt that it is important we look after our environment so that these species can continue to expand and one day be released from captivity.


Jemha, Brooke and Tess
Year 9 Students