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SAETA Spring Poetry

Congratulations to the following students who have had their poems selected for publication in the South Australian English Teachers’ Association 2018 Spring Poetry Anthology. From the hundreds submitted across the state, it was extremely pleasing and satisfying to see so many MacKillop students represented in the soon to be published anthology. The girls will attend an official launch on Saturday 27 October at Pulteney Grammar School where category winners will be announced.

As a school, we commend all those who participated and especially acknowledge our soon to be published poets:

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11


Year 10 English Excursion - The University of Adelaide Creative Writing Workshop

On Monday 24 September, Year 10 students Daniella, Sophie, Mia, Georgia, Antoinette and Olivia had an inspirational day at the University of Adelaide's Creative Writing Workshop. Addressed by Dr. Liz Prosser, Dr. Matthew Hooton and PhD students Dominic Symes and Liz Allan, the girls experienced what life would be like in a day studying a Bachelor of Creative Writing degree. 

Dominic Symes commenced the workshop by leading students on an appreciation of Shakespeare's contribution to language and the beauty of his words. He then had students watch Anis Mojgani's “Shake the Dust” slam poem and encouraged them to write their own unique stanza starting with "This is for the....." and concluding with the refrain "Shake the dust."

Liz Allan, in contrast, introduced students to effective characterization in her presentation, teaching students that the best characterization writing stemmed from a writer’s own experiences, the experiences of others or a blend of both. She identified how a character’s possessions, appearance and mannerisms reveals much about their personality.

Dr. Matthew Hooton focused on descriptive writing using a scene from V for Vendetta as inspiration. He asked students to imagine what Adelaide would look like if it descended into chaos and law enforcement was inactive for three days. Students then proceeded to write the scene they imagined and shared it with the audience.

Dr. Liz Prosser spoke of career opportunities related to the Creative Writing degree and what quickly became apparent was that the opportunities are endless. From writing scripts for digital games and films, to media communication, to journalism – the Creative Writing degree could fulfil a person’s interest and passions.

At the conclusion of each presentation, students were encouraged to share their writing with each other and with the hundreds of students present. As an English teacher, it was delightful and inspiring to see so many students passionate about writing.

Thank you to our MacKillop girls who proudly represented the College, and we look forward to next years’ experience.


Student Feedback

The Adelaide University Creative Writing Workshop was…….

“Really inspiring. I learnt so much in such a short amount of time. The workshop really made me think of a possible career in writing, and all the opportunities that it could open.”  – Olivia
“A creative space where all ideas and writing were shared with the upmost respect. Everyone was inspired to share and be imaginative.” – Georgia
“A great opportunity to write, share and discuss our writing with given prompts. It was a really welcoming environment and enjoyable experience.” – Sophie
“A great opportunity to learn more English skills which we can use now and in the future. It was great to see everyone’s different interests and strengths.” - Mia
“A fabulous opportunity to see to the different ways writing could be creative and fun. I enjoyed the day and wished that the sessions had gone longer. I really liked the ‘goodie’ bag we were given.” – Antoinette


Mini Del Corso
English Leader of Learning